Sauna Benefits

Raised in the cold lands of Finland and practiced by many Europeans, this type of steam bath can offer many mental and physical health benefits. Check out helpful information as to what it can provide and learn how to avoid complications due to sauna use.

Sauna Benefits

Relieves stress

The sauna has a relaxing effect, which helps to combat the stresses of everyday life. Heat causes the body to release endogenous substances, such as endorphins and encephalins, responsible for the sensation of an orgasm throughout the body.

However, part of this effect is more psychological than really physical. As heat promotes blood vessel dilation, the blood pressure lowers and the person feels relaxed.

Combat fluid retention

Another positive aspect of using the sauna is the decrease in fluid retention. With sweating, accumulated fluids are eliminated through the skin. This effect is often confused with weight loss. In fact, it is the swelling that disappears, because the sauna does not provide weight loss, but the elimination of retained liquids.

Decreases nasal congestion

In addition to these benefits, the sauna also promotes airway clearance. However, for this to happen it is necessary to add drops of eucalyptus oil so that it spreads in the steam and contributes to the decongestion of the roads.

Sauna contraindications

Those suffering from low blood pressure and / or heart problems should avoid the sauna. Excessive heat in the sauna can cause arteries to increase in size, causing discomfort and possible complications.

Also, it is not recommended to use the sauna before practicing physical activity. This is due to the fact that the sauna dehydrates the body and leaves the muscles relaxed, making it difficult to exercise.

Pregnant women are also advised against using the sauna, although its negative effects on fetal development have not yet been proven.

Skin care

Although it seems that the sauna is extremely beneficial for the skin, this is not entirely true. The loss of fluid it causes makes the skin less hydrated and this can accelerate aging. So, no exaggerating in the sauna.

Skin and hair when exposed to high temperatures tend to significantly increase their greasiness. So if you suffer from this problem you should avoid the sauna.

It is also noteworthy that hygiene care is essential even in home saunas, because heat and humidity can promote the proliferation of fungi. Therefore the cleaning of the sauna should always be up to date.

THE sauna can provide many benefits to the body, provided it is used sparingly. Don't overdo it and enjoy only what it has to offer.

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