Secrets for those who want to be fashionable

If you always think that some models of clothing do not fit your body very well, get confused when it comes to matching the production or have questions about which pieces are trend or not, it's time to learn some basic rules that every woman needs to know to to dress well. Meet some Secrets For Those Who Want To Get Trendy and make no mistake anymore.

Be original

To be fashionable, you must be original and have your own style. Use pieces that you really enjoy but that also value your body just right for comfort and elegance.

Keep in mind that not always the trend of the moment or what your friend and that celebrity wear may look good on you. Meet yourself: Know your body, try on different types and styles of clothing, ask for opinions, always dress according to your age and wear the right numbering.

Perfect fit

Using the right numbering is one of the main tips for getting well dressed. Clothing that is too long and too long, too tight or too short will always draw attention, but not for its beauty but for its sloppy or even vulgar appearance. So know how to choose clothes that value your body just right, without much extravagance.

Buy the essentials

Most women want to buy everything they see ahead when they go to the mall. Many feel that clothes, accessories and shoes never hurt. Which could be wrong, as you don't have to buy everything without knowing if you will ever use it. So control yourself and avoid waste.

Learn to buy the essentials, preferably to combine new parts with the ones you already have in your wardrobe. Go shopping keeping in mind what you will need, look good, taste and regardless of value, think if that new piece matches that other outfit or accessory you have at home.

If it is an individual look, think about the shoes, bag and accessories that you will wear. Even if you get the right piece that you need, you'll always have that shirt, skirt, or dress you've always wanted waiting for you on the store shelf and there's no one to make it give up. But most of the time, out-of-body clothing is deceiving, so try on the piece and see if it has a great fit on your body, if it's worth the investment.

Ideal lingerie

Lingerie may not be visible, but when chosen correctly, it helps enhance your curves. A well-structured bra, for example, helps support breasts and makes your lap look better. The first tip is always to choose a quality lingerie, according to your measurements and that has all the necessary characteristics to offer comfort and safety. So that the look is not inelegant, always try to have basic pieces and neutral tones.

When in doubt, match the bra with the color of the blouse. Also learn to combine the various types of bra straps with those of the blouses. For example, the bra strap should never be visible on the swim neckline. In this case, the ideal is to use the model of the similar bra or bet on the strapless bra.

For panties you also need to follow the same idea. For more body-fitting clothes, prefer models that do not have stitching and do not mark the clothing. For thinner, light-colored pieces, bet on similar shades so that the bottom piece is not evident.

Invest in Accessories

Accessories transform and increase any production. It can be an earring, a bracelet, necklace, belt, purse or even a shoe. When completed with any of these accessories, the look of the woman becomes more elegant. But you have to pay attention, because adding details to the look doesn't mean exaggerating and going around with everything you have at one go.

The most neutral and basic productions call for flashy accessories. Try adding a single piece, such as a maxi necklace, earring or bracelet, and the rest of the more discreet accessories. If the look has prints, many colors or is more flashy, the tip is to use more discreet, neutral and without many details.

Cheap Girl Secrets To Dress Like a Fashion Boss (April 2021)

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