Semi-Hairstyles: 80 Beautiful Ideas and Tutorials for Doing It Alone

Niina Secrets

Semi-styled hairstyles are quite versatile. After all, there are simple options to use in everyday life and even more elaborate ones, ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, for example. This makes it possible for you to choose one at any time.

Want to bet? So get some amazing ideas for inspiration and still learn how to do semi-hairstyles on your own.

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Simple Semi-Hairstyles

To innovate in the way of holding the hair, it is worth betting on simple semi-styled hairstyles. That way you can do the walkthrough at home anyway.

1. Short semi-hairstyles can be pure charm

2. Even if you hold just a little bit of hair

3. Looks can be a smoother face

4. As also stylish

5. Semipreso can be messy

6. Or with a tighter grip

7. He fits well for curly hair

8. How to knead

9. Wavy

10. Curly

11. Messy

12. And smooth

13. There are very neat options

14. And also the most romantic

15. Like this one

16. How about joining the semipreso with a bun?

17. Semi-Sideways Hairstyles Look Beautiful

18. Just like stuck in the back

19. And on top of the head

20. A simple option already helps to give a new look to the look

21. And you can do it at home

22. Without many complications

23. See how different this inspiration

24. For the most basic, it is worth betting on a hairstyle in this style

25. Accessories help highlight hair

26. Like this tiara, for example

27. You can also use hidden clips

See how many beautiful and easy inspirational options to make? So, what is really difficult is not to innovate in the way of holding the hair.

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Semi-Wedding Hairstyles

Want to know some options of semi-styled hairstyles to rock the look during a wedding? So, look at the options below and choose your favorite:

28. How about betting on a stripped semi-hairstyle?

29. Flowers help make the end result look better

30. Like delicate braids

31. Pearls are also a great bet to enhance the look.

32. But you can also choose other types of applications.

33. Look how delicate this option

34. And this one too

35. Mohawk Highlights Hair

36. Semi-bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles are successful

37. After all, they can be very romantic.

38. Which suits the occasion very well, right?

39. Since love is in the air in weddings

40. But the semipreso is also valid for the guests

41. Delicate hairstyles go well with brides

42. For the more discreet, it is worth betting on an option like this

43. How beautiful is this hairstyle?

44. The semi-trap on the side can be a drag

45. With a messy face, this is a great guest hairstyle

46. ​​Staples need not be hidden

47. But they can also be under flowers

48. What counts is to bet on a hairstyle that is your face

49. To do so, raze on occasion

50. You can test even more elaborate options at home

51. Until You Learn To Do It Perfectly

52. There are charming semi-styled hairstyles for the most varied tastes

53. Like this one

54. Or this one

55. And everyone looks beautiful to go to a wedding

As you can see, it is possible to look wonderful with a semi-wedding hairstyle. So, did you find an option that suits you for this type of event?

Semi-braided Hairstyles

Braids alone are beautiful, allied to semi-hairstyles, you can get an option that is out of the ordinary and that is full of charm. Check it out:

56. Braids can yield very different hairstyles

57. Like this one from here

58. And even this

59. They can also be done on short hair.

60. And not just the long ones

61. There are options with a sophisticated air

62. And also the most basic

63. Short Semi-Hairstyles Look Beautiful

64. Check out this option

65. How about this one from here? She is full of style!

66. The Basics Can Be Beautiful too

67. To add, how about using applications?

68. Delicate, this is a great choice for many occasions.

69. Half-done hairstyles with straight hair look charming too

70. Look how beautiful this inspiration

71. How about this one from here?

72. See how braids can yield different hairstyles

73. In the wide version, the braid is highlighted

74But a lot of thin lines on the side also get a mess

75. With so many beautiful braids

76. It's hard to pick one, isn't it?

77. The good thing is that you can test several options

78. To see which one is more your face

79. Or choose more than one

80. To always be able to vary

Inspirations abound to use the braid in a semi-hairstyle, right? Now the task is to choose which one to test first.

Walkthrough: How to Make Semi-Hairstyles

Did you like the photos above and want to learn how to do some semi-hairstyles at home? Then watch the videos below that feature the detailed walkthrough.

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Semi-hairstyle with side braid

With a built-in braid look, this is a very easy hairstyle to play at home. To test it you only need to have a few staples and spray fixer on hand. Also, it doesn't take much skill, a little practice is enough to get a beautiful result.

Simple Semi-Styled Party Hairstyle

In this video, you learn how to make a hairstyle that has two strands on the front, which gives a charm to the look. In addition, you also give tips for adding volume to the part of the hair that gets stuck.

Niina Secrets's Favorite Hairstyles

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Here, Niina Secrets teaches her how to make her five hairstyles. Among them, four are semipresos. So you can test them all and see which one is more your face. The cool thing is that they are all very easy and made in a few minutes.

Practical Sideways Semi-Hairstyle

With a more romantic face, this is an easy option to make at home. The idea is to make a loose braid on one side of the hair, which is joined with a twist that is made on the other side. With a little practice, you can reproduce the walkthrough in a few minutes.

Short Hairstyles

If you find it difficult to do a semi-hairstyle with short hair, you can check out four different options in this video. Two of them have braids and the others have a slightly more stripped footprint.

Semi-Curly Hairstyles for Curly and Curly Hair

In this video, you can check four hairstyles combed for parties. The first and third are semi-business options, ideal for women who have curly or curly hair. Both are easy to do, so check out the walkthrough.

Practical Semi-Hairstyles

From the second to the fifth hairstyles in this video, they are all semipresos. Extremely practical to make, they are perfect for those who do not have much experience when dealing with locks.

Semi-Curly Hairstyle for Curly Hair

The first hairstyle option of this video is a very basic semipreso, it starts with a bun that is made without fastener, cool, right? To learn the rest, just watch the video.

With so many wonderful options, it's hard to choose which one to test first, right? So you can vary whenever you feel like it.

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