Share Good Things: The New SuperApp Magalu Mother's Day Feature

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Spending pleasant moments with our mothers is always a delight, isn't it? On Mother's Day, we always plan something special and we can't set aside a gift that has her face.

Buying online has many advantages, we all know that, but what if this task is even easier? With SuperApp Magalu, Magazine Luiza's app, you can buy everything with just 1 click. And the facilities don't stop there!

Share your favorite product lists

Not all moms are easy to give, right? Now imagine having access to a list of all your mother's darling products. It is much easier to choose the perfect gift, right? You will hit the target well and your mother will be satisfied and happy in life! This is the newest feature of SuperApp Magalu, which allows you to share your wishlist on various social networks as well as create collaborative lists. You can create lists with the people in your house, with your friends and with your sweetheart. Have you ever thought how cool it is to have everything you want to have in one place to furnish the house the way you always dreamed?

This new feature opens up a world of possibilities that will save you time as well as money as you shop there with 1 click (within seconds!) And find the best deals and promotions. Technology + economy =? Oh, and there is one more advantage: SuperApp Magalu is lightweight, it won't overload your phone and you'll be able to use all the other apps without worrying, you can trust it!

A story of unity and strong women

With the hectic routine of daily life, sometimes we don't stop to pay attention to touching stories that can thrill us. Maybe Mother's Day is a great time to mess with those feelings. Check out this exciting story of the ends and beginnings of new cycles that Magazine Luiza has prepared to launch this new one. The video is based on a real story full of excitement!

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Things have the meanings we give them, don't they? The story of this family is beautiful and gives that warm in the heart! Sharing what we like with the people we love is an act that can bring us even closer to these special beings in our lives.

What more can SuperApp Magalu offer me?

Did you know that now, besides being able to buy appliances and electronics, you can buy many more things? Are you looking for products for your pet? #HasNoMagalu. Books? Perfumes? Accessories? Yes, also #TemNoMagalu. And if you find it difficult to shop online, at SuperApp Magalu you can shop with just 1 click. Easy, right?

But what about the delivery? For products sold and delivered by Magazine Luiza, you can choose the option to pick up at the store so you don't have to deal with the anxiety of arriving at your home (which isn't a big deal either, right?). Magazine Luiza is present in more than 700 cities in Brazil with physical stores, surely has one near you! On Mother's Day, choose the convenience of shopping from anywhere, get it at home, or go to a nearby store to pick up what you bought through the app. It's up to you to decide how you want to do it!

SuperApp Magalu also shows you product reviews that other people have already bought, keeps you in the best of deals, and offers great security in every transaction.

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Download SuperApp Magalu for Android or iOS and try all these features. Also take the opportunity to tell the news to your mother, maybe she already gives you some tips on what you want to earn as a gift? We love amazing news that makes our days easier and lighter!


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