Slit Long Dress: 80 personality-laden models

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A slit long dress is more than a piece that carries a hint of sensuality: it is also ideal for ensuring style, comfort and sophistication to your look, regardless of your personality or personal taste.

Is it wrong to believe that this model fits only on special occasions such as graduations, weddings or social events? The long slit dress undoubtedly offers the lightness and casualness that everyday demands. Know its versatility and be inspired by the following fashionista compositions:

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Slit long party dress

That event that requires a social dress code is the perfect time for you to hand-pick the long slit dress of your dreams. See the most inspiring models in this list:

1. That little black dress gets a killer atmosphere with an amazing slit

2. Boho chic is a classic style, back to stay

3. Flowery slit long dress is ideal for weddings and daytime events

4. Gold is killer for night parties

5. For a prom or wedding, how about investing in ruffles?

6. How not to fall in love with this sparkling sparkle?

7. A slit in partnership with a beautiful cleavage for a bold look

8. Combining the grape with the golden color results in an amazing marriage.

9. The good old red slit long dress is perfect, don't you think?

10. In this model, the ruffles guaranteed a special volume to the bust

11. While one shoulder clipping only values ​​the lap

12. Slit can also be found in bulky petticoats

13. But it is in the long fair dress that your silhouette will be uniquely valued

14. The short underneath always becomes present in deep slit dresses

15. Looking for sobriety? Invest in a burnt pink model

16. The distinctive textures of this dress have exquisite look

17. Simple stitching, this long white dress won a plus with the slit

18. In fact, the slit is ideal for freedom of movement

19. Be it lateral or frontal

20. But in flowing dresses, she becomes an extra charm

21. And what charm?

22. Do you prefer a long dress with red blood slit?

23. Or a more open, very cheerful tone?

24. Capriche in shoes to show off in its slit

25. And choose a model where you feel beautiful and comfortable

26. Here pink and turquoise reigned in perfect harmony.

27. With sophisticated cutout, this white dress has a neat front slit

28. While this lurex model has a single side slit

29. In addition to the legs, the back was also partially exposed.

30. A golden look from head to toe is exciting, would you?

31. Here the slit featured a thin layer of lace to add even more charm

32. Long sleeves welcome in both neckline dresses

33. As with closed models

34. But to value your back, opt for a single front

35. Pregnant girls look great with a nice slit in a long dress

36. See what a spectacle this lace is all embroidered with shiny stones

37. Comfy, elegant and just right for sensuality

38. This plus size model has gained a chain detail on the neckline.

39. Well-tailored strapless make the look even more elegant

40. There are days when all a woman needs is a sober pink dress

Whether it's a wedding, graduation or a social party with a neat dress code, the long slit dress will always be the wild card for the look.

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Slit long dress in casual looks

For those looking for a stylish everyday garment, take a look at the following models and see how to include the slit long dress in your casual style:

41. A long knitting dress looks good on several occasions.

42. And for hot days, nothing beats a lightweight fabric to ensure comfort

43. See how funny this star print

44. This dress has a very romantic and delicate feel.

45. The viscose piece is perfect for the hotter days

46. ​​How about showing a very stylish boot in its slit?

47. Of course a scarpin is also very welcome

48. This overlap was very modern

49. With the parka, the long slit flowered dress was very stylish

50. An anabela can guarantee the comfort you are looking for.

51. You Can Still Perform a Traditional Black and White Look

52. Fall in love with this Portuguese tile pattern

53. Fluid sleeveless dress ensures a more discreet look

54. For the busier days, a knit dress goes well

55. Feel the power of this cleavage

56. The slit could not miss in this gypsy model dress

57. Thin-toed boots are present on colder days

58. Isn't this little crochet pattern fun?

59.For the long black slit dress, the red boot made all the difference

60. Or a stylish gladiator

61. The delicate nude sandal perfectly matches the print

62. Sometimes just a different cut will make your dress look more stylish

63. The double front slit further enhanced the legs

64. You can do it hi with a very classy dress and sneakers

65. The long striped model is perfect for stretching the silhouette

66. That ideal little model to wear everywhere, even on the beach

67. A belt tied around the waist to mark the region well

68. For a comfortable pregnancy, choose wider dress models

69. Here's how high heels help you get up in silhouette

70. But the low models are also very welcome.

71. The thin straps made the look very fresh

72. Animal print is a trend that is here to stay

73. Accessories are indispensable to enrich the composition.

74. Because they are responsible for the sophistication of the look

75. But to enjoy the tranquility, nothing better than betting on the basics

76. In addition to the slot, this model also has an asymmetric bar

77. Simple, light and perfect.

78. The bitter neck choker was the special touch

79. Here each body curve has been properly highlighted

80. For colorful prints, a nude sandal is ideal

A long slit casual dress fits every occasion: just use your creativity to make looks that fit your style perfectly.

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