Slit Skirt: How to Compose Powerful Looks with This Sensual Piece

The slit skirt is able to transform the look, bringing style and sensuality to the look. The cut, which appears on various skirt models, yields varied combinations as well as being a stylish way to show off the legs.

We invite style consultant Helena Villar to give you tips on how to incorporate the slit skirts in your wardrobe and everything you need to know about the piece.

According to her, "even though it is a small slit skirt, it implies an opening, so the eye catches and the imagination always accompanies." Check out tips on how to use the various slit skirt designs, and how to match them with style

Side slit skirt

According to Helena, the side slit skirts are easy to find and match. For the style consultant, "as the skirt is a sensual piece, it's cool to avoid more sensuality on the top, such as pieces with too much cleavage, too thin straps, back not to be too over."

Front Slit Skirt

The front slit skirt can be combined in many ways. According to Helena, the more sober and serious colors contrast with the sensuality that the piece brings, making it more elegant. For a more relaxed look, it is worth betting on open and cheerful colors.

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The style consultant warns that the ideal for front slits is that it is longer, long or midi with small slits, as it opens more than the side and can be complicated in terms of comfort. ? It has some front slit skirts but it has a? Lining? underneath, which we call fake crack, is an option too.

Slit Long Skirt

This model is perfect for those who love a striking detail even in everyday clothes. According to Helena, the long and casual skirts have a more "relax" aspect.

The interesting thing about this type of skirt is where the slit begins. For the consultant, "a moderate slit protruding from the middle of the thigh is more than enough." To know the actual limit of the slit, it is recommended to sit down and check if the skirt is comfortable.

Slit Midi Skirt

Knee length or slightly below, this is another very common model. According to Helena, "there are even models with a zipper where you adjust the size of the slit, super practical." For her, the midi skirt has the minimum length to fit a slit.

For a bold, stylish look, keep in mind that the most structured, full-bodied, or opaque fabrics balance the slit. The opposite, ie fabrics with textures such as leather and luster, reinforce the sensuality of the skirt.

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Slit Short Skirt

You can combine short slit skirt in various ways. With a shirt, a more casual shirt or even with the same skirt pattern.

For the style consultant, however, care must be taken when wearing this type of skirt as the short length, beyond the slit, can leave your panties showing!

Slit Black Skirt

Versatile, the slit black skirt can be combined for both a chic look and casual looks.

According to Helena, "for those who like and want to try a slit skirt but have difficulty feeling ultra mega sexy, just combine with more contained pieces, such as a looser and more closed blouse."

For relaxation, wear the skirt with sneakers or a classic style shoe with moderate heels.

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Slit White Skirt

There are several models of white slit skirt and it also suits various styles. The style consultant's tip is: Let the slit be the focal point! If you want to complement, use a more powerful sandal, a higher but delicate heel, or a make with well marked eyes and also sensual are a good option.

Slit Print Skirt

Like the others, you can combine this skirt model with lighter fabrics for a more sophisticated look, or choose your favorite print and rock a look for both day to day and parties.

Helena also remembers that? There is no biotype to use the piece, who? A slit makes for style and personality and not for body type or shape. It only indicates paying attention to the good fit and avoiding very tight pieces.

12 slotted skirts for you to create killer looks

Now that you know how to match the piece, choose a slit skirt to call your own and rock the look!

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Long, short, smooth or patterned? Have you picked your favorite?

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More Slit Inspiring Looks

For no doubt that a slit completely changes the look, leaving you super sensual and stunning, check out some photos that will inspire you to adopt this skirt model

Chic plus sexy, it's perfect for creating evening looks

Combined with shirt, is also great for everyday life

With heel sandals and a thin fabric shirt, it looks stunning!

Can you wear the slit skirt in winter with boots and long sleeves

Or take advantage of the slit to create fresh summer looks

Combined with a hat, she is ideal for going to music festivals!

Look what charm this model with flower print

There are cracks that start at the knee

Already other super sexy that are very short

For a more social look, it is worth combining with thin fabric blouse and heels

For more casual looks, a tennis t-shirt is super stylish

For warmer days, it's great because of the slit and thinner fabric

Besides highlighting any look?

The slit skirt makes you stunning and ready to rock!

And then? Convinced to wear this super sexy and stylish item that makes all the difference in look?

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