Smart Tips for Riding Your Baby's Layette

After the news of pregnancy, it is common for parents to start thinking about the layette. Lots of clothes, shoes of different styles, blanket, gloves to warm the little hands, the so-called Moses? basket to carry the child -, pillow, among many other items. But calm down! The question may arise: "Are we really going to need all this?"

Nowadays the offer is great: some stores have kilometers (and even expensive) layette lists, besides, the internet offers several facilities at the time of purchase and thus some families end up overdoing it. No matter how anxious and excited the baby is, it is up to parents to decide what is really essential, what can be useful and what is superfluous amid so many options.

But, it is a fact that, especially for first-time parents, this is not always a simple task. Talking with relatives or friends who have had one or more children is a good step. But it is worth remembering that at this time each child has his or her particularities, so not everything that was expendable to a family will be unnecessary to you. The key is to research and ultimately always use common sense.

For families who choose to buy the trousseau abroad, a suggestion is to have the service of a personal shopper who assists parents with purchases in the United States.

Although each family has its own particularities and preferences, below you will find a list of the essentials for the baby's first three months, according to the guidance of Priscila Goldenberg, USP MBA economist, mother of two boys, and a pioneer in childcare. personal shopper for baby layette in the United States.

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The Essential Items in Baby Layette

Generally, for travelers to the US, we buy the layette for up to 12 months. Since there are more than 150 items to complete the first year of life, I list below everything that the baby will basically need for the first three months ?, highlights Priscila.

Check out the list below, separated by categories. Remember that the tips are as good for those who go shopping in Brazil as for those who want to go abroad.

In the Accessories category, as the mother will probably exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, these products will be used after this age. So, for those who do the trousseau in Brazil, you may not need to buy early. For those who go abroad, it is advisable to bring the products ?, explains Priscila.


  • 6 bodys short sleeve for newborn;
  • 6 bodys short sleeve for three months;
  • 6 bodys long sleeve for newborn;
  • 6 bodys long sleeve for three months;
  • 6 overalls with feet and buttons on the front;
  • 6 pairs of socks;
  • 6 cotton pants that match the bodysuits;
  • 6 pairs of newborn socks;
  • 6 half pairs for 3 months;
  • 2 to 3 caps;
  • 2 pairs of gloves.

Hygiene and health

  • 4 hooded towels;
  • 4 diaper towels;
  • 6 shoulder nappies / Regurgitation Cloth;
  • 12 mouth cloths;
  • 2 hypoallergenic liquid soaps (preferably washing hair and body);
  • 1 large box of cotton swabs with larger tips (suitable for children);
  • 1 temporal or auricular thermometer measuring in Celsius;
  • 1 nasal aspirator;
  • 1 hygiene kit with comb, brush, nail clipper, scissors, finger to massage the gum etc.
  • 1 kit of cotton swabs, etc .;
  • 1 glass of 70% alcohol (sold in pharmacies) to clean the navel (umbilical stump);
  • 4 tubes of ointment to prevent diaper rash;
  • 1 colic-relieving pad;
  • 1 bathtub;
  • 4 bundles of cotton;
  • 4 packs of odorless baby wipes;
  • 2 pacifiers for newborns;
  • 4 pacifiers for 3 months;
  • 2 pacifier clips;
  • Many, many disposable diapers.


  • Baby bottles (check if the product chosen has anti-colic and anti-reflux valve): 2 droplets, 2 medium bottles and 2 large bottles;
  • Extra bottle nipples for all ages;
  • 1 cup with dividers to store milk powder in the right size of the bottle;
  • 1 bottle sterilizer;
  • 2 brushes for washing bottles;
  • 1 rack to dry the bottles;
  • 1 neutral soap glass for washing bottles and accessories;
  • 12 fabric bibs, give preference to those with buttons and / or side closures.


  • 1 stroller that is compatible for use from newborn to approximately 2 years;
  • 1 Baby Comfort based docking in parent car;
  • 1 baby head protector for use on the Baby Comfort and / or stroller (if the model chosen does not have);
  • 1 pad to put on the stroller seat protecting the fabric and making it more comfortable for the baby;
  • 1 baby bag with portable changer;
  • 1 bag for storing dirty clothes and looks;
  • 1 hook to hang the baby bag in the stroller;
  • 1 cart organizer if the cart basket is small;
  • 1 mirror for the car;
  • 1 glass shield against sunlight;
  • 1 seat belt clip to hold Baby Base Comfort for cars that do not have Isofix system;
  • Toys for hanging on Baby Comfort;
  • 1 activity mat for baby to play on the floor;
  • 1 rocking or support seat that plays music to distract the baby for a few minutes or a few hours.

Baby room

  • 1 crib kit with main parts: crib sides, choose the thinnest and / or screen model to just protect the baby in the crib;
  • 1 skirt from the crib;
  • 1 quilt;
  • 2 waterproof mattress protectors;
  • 1 changer to put in the dresser;
  • 2 covers for the exchanger (if it is not plasticised);
  • 1 anti-reflux mattress (if the crib does not have the option to recline the mattress);
  • 4 sheets with elastic;
  • 2 blankets (one thicker and one lighter);
  • 4 blankets (merge between thread and cotton);
  • 1 kit of sweaters;
  • 1 mobile for cribs;
  • 1 Babysitter Video and audio or audio only.

For mom

  • 1 breastfeeding pad;
  • 1 very comfortable chair;
  • 1 stool to rest your feet at breastfeeding;
  • 1 kit with water bottle and glass;
  • 2 to 4 tubes of ointment to moisturize the nipple (preparation for breastfeeding and healing);
  • 1 breast pump (preferably electric);
  • Bottles or sachets for storing breast milk;
  • Disposable breast protectors;
  • Stretch mark prevention creams during and after pregnancy;
  • Proper bras to help with breastfeeding;
  • Special clothing for pregnant women: wide-waisted trousers, for example, because the fabric is very comfortable and does not tighten the belly.

There are many products available in the market. If the pregnant woman goes to the US, she needs to research what really pays to buy X what is available in Brazil?, Points out the personal shopper.

So as not to get lost while shopping, you can download the list of these essentials for your baby's layette and print it out.

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Suggested Parent Books

Priscila comments that there are excellent books on the market that help moms and dads a lot, because the birth of a child is a new moment in the couple's life. For those who will go abroad, I recommend mine, the US Baby Layette Guide? publisher Panda Books, where I mention products in the US market, quantity tips for not buying too much or less than you will actually need, as well as store addresses in Miami, Orlando, and NY.

Below, Priscila cites other book suggestions:

  • Raising Boys? For Real Parents
  • Creating Girls? For Real Parents
  • The Secrets of a Charming Baby
  • The Best Parents In The World

Baby layette: buy in Brazil or abroad?

Below, Priscila highlights the main advantages and tips for those who want to buy the trousseau abroad:

Biggest economy: Even with the high dollar, making a layette abroad is still a third cheaper than in Brazil. For those who can hire a personal shopper, will have more peace of mind with the right shopping orientation of everything that will be purchased for the baby within the style and budget of each family ?, says Priscila.

Wide range and need for planning: Anyone who cannot or does not want to hire a professional needs good planning. • The couple needs a single list at hand and be aware of what will be bought (make and model) and which stores will go to not waste time and money. It is no use having several lists of friends who have had children, because what is good for a friend may not be for you. Stores have a lot of variety and knowing what you want to buy is critical not to get? Lost? in the midst of so many options ?, highlights the personal shopper.

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Discount coupon: It is also important to be aware of the discounts. In the US, are discount coupons very common? Some are available on websites and others in books that can be purchased at their own stores and mall and outlet customer service kiosks ?, says Priscila.

Check out the advantages and tips for buying the trousseau in Brazil:

Planning Need: Whether in Brazil or abroad, the couple needs to have a good planning and discipline when shopping, recalls Priscila.

Possibility to buy the layette gradually: According to the personal shopper, one of the advantages of buying in Brazil is that the couple does not have to buy the trousseau at once. "It can separate purchases by stages: start by newborn up to 3 months and, after the birth of the baby, gradually buy according to the needs of each family."

Possibility of installment: ? In Brazil also has the advantage of buying in installments, especially the large items and, consequently, the most expensive, such as bedroom furniture, decoration, stroller and Baby Comfort ?, highlights Priscila.

4 Mistakes You Can Avoid When Buying Trousseau

1. Don't go shopping when you find out you're pregnant. One tip is to start shopping around the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, since by this time most moms already know the gender of the child, which will make it easier to choose colors.

2. Do not overdo the amount of clothes. Remember that in the first months the baby grows very fast and will soon lose the smaller clothes. In addition, babies always get gifts, including outfits.

3. Don't buy everything the same color. Not because you will have a girl who needs to buy absolutely everything pink, for example. There are so many beautiful clothes and accessories on the market today in the most varied colors. By varying the colors, it is easier to reuse in case of a future pregnancy.

4. Don't lose focus on shopping. The big secret is knowing how to buy the best products in the right quantities, without forgetting important items. In the case of buying the trousseau abroad, the first step is to know the products available in the American market and check which ones fit the needs of each family. Another important point is having the discipline to buy just what you need, overseas prices are much lower than in Brazil and people often pick up various products because it is simply? Cheap? and at the end of the trip, the cheap can be expensive ?, says Priscila.

Top Cautions When Choosing Baby Clothes

With so many options on the market today one has to remember: not everything that is beautiful is comfortable for the baby.

Priscila points out that the overalls with foot, short-sleeved and long-sleeved body, foot pants (breeches), socks and gloves are the basic pieces for an excellent outfit. The baby needs to be in a comfortable, age-appropriate outfit: newborn, three months, and so on.

“I know that the usual maternity trips in Brazil are a charm, but not comfortable for the baby. They are usually of thread or cotton, with embroidered collar bodysuits and cardigans. Babies feel hot and often these clothes end up bothering the little ?, says Priscila.

"Also avoid buying synthetic clothes, button-down garments (as they make it difficult to change) and clothes with large embroidery and or applique," recalls the personal shopper.

Another important detail is to choose the models and fabrics of the clothes according to the season in which the baby will be born.

In the gallery below you can see good clothes for newborns.

Newborn Baby Tricae Kit for R $ 39,90 at Tricae

Baby Bodysuit for $ 19.95 in Store Year Zero

Children's body for R $ 25,90 at Renner

Women's Body Kit for £ 10.50 at Klin

Long sleeve body kit for R $ 55,92 at Klin

Long sleeve jumpsuit for $ 35.00 at Klin

Short-sleeve jumpsuit for $ 19.00 at Klin

Pants Kit for R $ 47,92 at Klin

Body Kit for R $ 44 at Dafiti

Kit Bodies Calvin Klein for R $ 101.99 at Dafiti

Meia Lilica Ripilica for R $ 49,90 at Dafiti

Half Tigor T. Tigre for R $ 16,90 at Dafiti

Basic body for $ 15 at 764 kids

Culote with foot for R $ 11,90 at 764 kids

Long sleeve bodysuit for $ 12.50 on 764 kids

Red Jumpsuit for R $ 119 at Loja Green

Newborn Gloves for $ 9.99 at Walmart

Portinari Jumpsuit for R $ 29,90 at Bebestore

Body set and pants for R $ 49,90 at Bebestore

Body and shorts set for R $ 49,90 at Bebestore

Do mothers tell their experiences?

Silvia de Abreu, lawyer, 39 years old: Mother of 2 girls and 1 boy, she says that, since she had 2 daughters, she was able to enjoy many things from the first to the second with regard to the layette. “I kept, for example, the stroller, the bathtub, the crib. Then I donated because I wasn't sure if I would have another child? "There are three indispensable items that, unless saved from a previous pregnancy, parents will have to choose and buy," he says.

Teresa Mathias, Housewife, 41 years old: Your advice is to avoid buying everything absolutely pink or blue. Thus, it is easier to reuse in case of another pregnancy, at least the most important and most expensive items such as stroller, Baby Comfort, among others. Another tip is that future moms prepare for the arrival of the baby with a good amount of baby diaper, because they should be washed every time they fall to the ground, which happens very often when the child is young? Teresa

Maria Antonieta Geraldin, Pharmacist, 38 years old: I believe it is not necessary to buy a lot of clothes. That's because in the first months the baby grows very fast and will soon lose the smallest. The woman should use common sense not to overdo it. In addition, babies always get gifts, and among them, clothes.

Now you have the main guidelines for making your layette. Be practical and use common sense not to overdo the shopping! If necessary, enlist the help of a personal shopper to buy abroad.

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