Spicy phrases to drive any man crazy about you

To give a good heated sex life goes for everything. And to make what's hot even better, too. Spicy and naughty phrases that are spoken on time and in the right way are one of the easy and simple tactics to boost the mood of excitement.

You have shame? Rest assured, you're not the only one and not even part of the minority. To speak sexy phrases to your partner you will really have to feel at least a little of what you are saying, or be a great actress. When you can let go, you'll be amazed at how easy it is and the effects that can come.

It all depends on your profile and your partner profile. Anyway, even if the guy is not the bastard, is it possible to adapt the sentences to a softer language? to be complimented and know that the woman is horny, everyone likes it.

But to talk, you have to be willing to listen. So if the experience of being called "naughty" or stronger thing you don't like, you better not even start. He will also want to participate in the game and has nothing to do with disrespect, on the contrary, is part of the fantasy.

Don't just be guided by the content of the sentence: the way you say it, as well as the moment, plays a key role in the outcome. Release all your energy and free yourself to tell your mate those bullshit things you've always thought about:

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Via text message, chat or WhatsApp

For times when you are not together, during work hours or before a date. Unexpected hot messages will leave you feeling desired, with self-esteem up there and high expectations.

  • Crazy to show you which panties I'm wearing.
  • "Tonight I dreamed of you and woke up all wet."
  • "I wanted to have sex with you a lot more." (When you said goodbye recently).
  • "I want you, come soon."
  • "I read about a new position, want to experiment with me?"
  • "I want to sit on your lap and feel your hands inside my panties."
  • "Tonight I have a surprise for you."

To talk on the phone

In text messaging you can write even if you are embarrassed, but on the phone you will need your voice to follow the idea of ​​the message. Stimulate his imagination by insinuating images and making out.

  • Will feel your tongue between my legs.
  • "I want to be peladinha with you."
  • ÜLook, I was just thinking of you lying in bed right now. Do you know what I was doing?
  • "I wanted to spend a whole weekend with you in bed."

When he gets home

They love it when women take the initiative. If you want to attack him when he gets home, before throwing your body into his, spice up the mood by giving hints that you're in the mood. It will be a great preliminary.

  • "Today I'm all yours, do with me whatever you want."
  • ?Glad you came. I've masturbated three times today thinking of you.?
  • “I was waiting for you to arrive. I already took a shower and wait for you in bed.?

To drive you crazy at sex time

The moment of sex, then, is undoubtedly the best time for you to let go and release the most naughty and mind-blowing phrases to drive your man crazy. One of the best ways for him to do really well in sex and prioritize his pleasure is to leave him with the greatest self-esteem of all time. Make compliments about your body and performance, and tell them what to do with them and what you want them to do to you.

  • I love feeling your body with my mouth.
  • ? Enjoy for many moans and sexy sounds.?
  • "Go on, I'll come." (Let me know you will come. Contrary to what many may think, they are very pleased to know that you are almost there: they will be sure that they are doing well and so they can strive to make it even better for you. Sometimes they do not realize or we can't demonstrate without talking).
  • It eats me tasty.
  • "It catches me hard, I love it when you do it."
  • ? Delight, so very good, tasty ??

To tease you anytime

  • "You look so hot it gives me the creeps."
  • I need you on top of me now.
  • "You look irresistible with those jeans."

Unleash the creativity and naughtiness inside you and enjoy this hot tease that precedes spicy moments! Your sex life will be even more interesting.

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