Strapless wedding dress: sexy and romantic just right

The strapless wedding dresses are very successful among the Brazilian. They are the choice in a large part of weddings held abroad. The great asset of these models is the sexy but romantic way that the neckline combined with the models of wedding dress give the woman.

Among the most popular models are A-line dresses (tight bust and open-skirts) and mermaid dresses. The models with round skirt are the most romantic, because they refer to princess dresses; while mermaid models are sexier by showing more feminine curves.

Whichever model you choose, it is worth remembering that some churches and temples do not accept that the bride comes in with her shoulders outstretched or dug in the neckline. In this case, wearing a lap covering accessory is the solution for the moment of the ceremony. Then, during the party, you can take off the accessory and enjoy your strapless dress.

Another detail is that the model is ideal for weddings on hot days, especially those held in the morning or afternoon, when temperatures tend to be higher. With the strapless fall the bride will not be so hot, however, it is noteworthy that the fabric and lining of the dress should also be chosen accordingly to avoid heat during the wedding.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bride needs to be comfortable and comfortable on the big day. So if you are not comfortable wearing a strapless strap, invest in other models, such as the one-shoulder neckline or tank top style.

Try different options without haste and without psychological pressure, so you will make sure that you are choosing a model that makes you beautiful, comfortable, comfortable, that suits your taste and that fits your budget.

Following, the image and style consultant Fernanda Maranho clarifies some points that are very important and make a difference when choosing whether or not strapless wedding dresses.

What are the ideal hairstyles for this type of neckline?

To add value to the strapless neckline, it is best to tie the hair or use it half-tied. What will determine what are the best hairstyles is the shape of the woman's face through visagism.

  • Oval Face: This is the most harmonious face shape. Who has this face shape can use the hairstyle that suits you best.
  • Round Face: Ideal for this type of face is to create volume on the top of the head to create the illusion of elongated face. If you choose a fringe, prefer to wear it laterally.
  • Square Face: Avoid hairstyles that add volume to the side of the head. You can wear a bulging tuft with the back of loose, wavy hair or a side bang with a tail or bun.
  • Triangular Face: Here it is worth doing the opposite of the square face, you must add volume to the side. You can do this with chin length hairstyles or by wearing a long bangs.

As for accessories, the ideal is to balance. If you choose a large earring, do not wear a choker. And if you prefer to wear a choker, opt for a small earring such as a pearl or light spot. It is also worth remembering that if the hair is stuck, it is best to wear a super earring and if it is loose, it is worth investing in a necklace that catches attention. Whatever you decide, choose delicate jewelry that suits you and the occasion.

What body shape will the fall that you value?

The strapless dress is a classic model that all women love, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a democratic neckline. This model looks best on women with triangle body and hourglass.

Should be avoided by women of short stature as it cuts the silhouette; Women with a lot of bust because it is a model that makes it impossible to wear lingerie that supports and also for women who have broad shoulders.

Where to buy strapless wedding dresses?

If you choose to buy rather than rent your wedding dress, it is worth researching a lot in your city and surrounding cities, as prices vary dramatically from store to store and brand to brand.

You can buy an already worn dress if you prefer to save money. Online stores such as Sick, Market Free, and Once Used offer several dress options. However, this is a purchase that must be made with careful consideration and caution so as not to fall into a scam or buy a product that does not match its size or advertised quality.

You can also buy from China websites and websites that sell dresses at wholesale prices. Some of these are DHgate, Dressy Misses and TB Dress.However, this type of purchase is more risky because it has the possibility of loss, the size does not fit, not being exactly as in the picture, not to mention the import duties.

Also, another option is to have it done. Consult models and make budgets, also check out dresses already made by the chosen designer and seamstress to ensure their work is of quality. One downside to this choice is that the price will usually be much more expensive than if you buy a dress that is already ready in store and also has the possibility that the result will be different than you imagined. But every rule has its exception, so don't worry if you choose to have your dress made.

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Check out a super selection of various strapless wedding dress designs to find out if this is the style you really want to wear on your big day.

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