Strong by Zumba: Meet the upcoming gym class

A heavy class that combines the rhythm of the zumba, the calorie burning of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength exercises that use your own body weight: this is Strong by Zumba, the new sport coming to Brazil. .

Unlike the traditional zumba, which has taken over gyms around the world for a few years and remains a trend, Strong by Zumba looks much less like a dance class. That is, there are coordinated and sequential movements, but they are much more about muscle conditioning and cardio training.

This new class that promises to burn calories, define curves and strengthen muscles was recently launched in Orlando, United States, during the Zumba Instructor Convention, a convention that brings together teachers who are adept at this method.

So Strong by Zumba is still landing in Brazil and starting to attract its first practitioners and instructors? You must be trained by the Strong by Zumba® brand owner to obtain the instructor certificate.

Are you humming, but not dancing? As well?

All HIIT movements and strengthening sequences are synchronized with the beat. The dance part itself takes place at very short intervals, 30 to 90 seconds long, serving as a transition between one stage of the class and another.

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What is a Strong by Zumba class like

Strong by Zumba's class lasts 55 to 60 minutes. It begins with a warm-up and then goes through four stages, called quadrants, which are separated by the simple dance moves characteristic of the zumba.

The quadrants have specific objectives and alternate high intensity movements (knee lift, burpees and jumping jacks, for example) and low intensity movements (such as advances, rope, kickboxing, etc.). In closing, a cooling is done.

Because the class can be adapted to different levels of fitness, the instructor can choose more or less challenging moves so that even beginners of zumba or HIIT can face the session. Those who already have a good preparation, however, can opt for much higher level classes.

Benefits of Strong by Zumba

According to the creators of this modality, Strong by Zumba classes tone arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks, providing physical conditioning for the whole body. Abdominal muscles are especially worked during the quadrant of floor exercises that activate 29 core muscles.

In addition, classes promote the burning of calories, favoring weight loss. By combining muscle strengthening with high intensity workouts, Strong by Zumba still encourages calorie burning after training.

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Where to find a Strong by Zumba class

If you feel like trying out Strong by Zumba, the best way to find out which gyms offer this sport is by searching the official website, which shows a list of classes available on a particular date.

As this modality is very recent, there is not much choice of places and times. It's worth inquiring at your gym's office if they plan on offering this new class that promises to turn into the biggest fever.

STRONG by Zumba® - Introducing a revolutionary high-intensity workout (May 2021)

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