Sustainable kitchen

Would you like to have greener habits and help more in preserving the environment, but don't know how? Here are some options for you to contribute more to the environment through small changes in attitude that are available to any woman. Check out.

Cook some more

Instead of cooking just what you will eat at that meal, make as much as you can. Beans, for example, can be frozen and reheated with each meal, so you don't have to cook it as often. Whenever you can, reuse leftovers and never let the food win in your pantry, keep an eye!

Allow food to cool before refrigerating

After a meal, let the pots and jars with food cool slightly before placing them in the refrigerator. This way you avoid excessive electricity consumption and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Take your own bag to the market or fair

Another way to make your routine more environmentally friendly is to reuse bags at the market or at the fair. Buy sturdier bags and carry them with you whenever you shop to avoid having to use plastic bags.

Recycle packaging

Recycling the packaging you use to prepare your food or the prepackaged food packaging is essential to having a sustainable kitchen. Therefore, whenever you consume food that comes in plastic poles, make sure that you will reuse them or send them to be recycled in a proper place, thus contributing to a cleaner and less polluted planet.

Prefer food from environmentally friendly sources

In addition to these small changes in habit, you can also pay more attention to the source of the food you eat: Where do they come from? By whom are they produced? Always check if they are produced with pesticides or not and if their production is made in a sustainable way. Even if it is a bit more expensive, it is worth investing in products and sustainable producers.

Have your own garden at home

Does having your own food source ensure that you know that they are produced in an environmentally friendly way, with love and by their own hands? preferably free of pesticides. Having a home garden makes you better nourished with fresh food harvested just before consumption.

Now that you know how to have more sustainable habits in your home, you have no excuse not to start changing your routine right now and collaborate with the preservation of natural resources.

Zero Waste Kitchen Tips (April 2021)

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