Sweet women

Calm down girls! Today I will not talk about diets, eating disorders or healthy eating? This is subject for the other columns.

I would like to share with you a feature that I have: I am a greedy woman! I confess that I also eat a lot, but this is not the case. I want it all! I am hungry for many things, and I miss the things I have not yet lived. I want to live wonderful professional, family, spiritual, existential experiences. But will it give time? I need to run.

Adelia Prado, already mature said: "I don't want a knife or cheese, I want hunger!". The wise Rubem Alves says that for a good old age the best medicine is hunger. Satiety paralyzes, hunger moves us toward food. The big question for today's woman is: Do you have what hunger?

Maybe the answer is: I'm hungry for children, a successful career, a brilliant education, a beautiful body, a beautiful love, a beautiful salary, a beautiful car, a beautiful home. Hungry to speak more than one language, know the world, take care of the world and even save the world? And of happiness, yes, always happiness. Ah! And if time permits, I'm also hungry for a hobby, cultivating my friendships, making new friends. Ufa?

But I also have another feeling: I feel that I am always one step behind what the market demands, what the aesthetic standard of beauty demands, what society demands, what the family demands and I don't know who else demands it.

I discover then that there is a difference between hunger and gluttony. THE hunger It is an individual need that comes from within your being, it moves you towards what you really love and need to live; already the greediness it is the result of the culture of exaggeration induced by external stimuli.

Hunger is delicious and healthy, greed is destructive. The world stands before us like a feast, and the menu is infinite. We seem to get used to overcoming limitations and getting almost everything. But this is a dangerous game. We need to identify whether what we are looking for is something driven by our hunger, or the fruit of the gluttony that the modern world has presented us with.

We are a generation of ambitious women. The previous generation burned the bras. Ours decided to want everything the burned bra brought us and still wear it with sparkles to keep part of a sculptural body that wakes up early to work.

As if that were not enough (and not enough), at the end of the day we want to be present mothers who, between classes and MBAs and other qualifications, need to play and interact with their children and family.

We are the generation of greedy women. We want everything, everything. Can't leave it for later. This is why 67% of Brazilian women stated in a recent survey that they are stressed (I think the others were too depressed to answer the questionnaire).

We want absolutely everything, we look at the world and we want to devour it. We just forget to look inside ourselves and recognize that there are limitations. Maybe it's time to change the letter E for the letters OR. And find happiness in the choices made.

The myth of the successful woman needs to be reviewed. THE successful woman She is not the one who has everything, but the one who knows the hunger of her soul and seeks to satisfy it. The others are greedy, victims of an unattainable pattern that will always cause frustration and shame.

Pablo Neruda, poet of the sea, wanted to swallow the sea. This is very good, It is when we really love something, we want to eat, put into ourselves and thus become one. Hunger that feeds!

Gluttony is the result of our greed, coming from an external stimulus that whenever we swallow the coveted object, instead of leaving us sated, makes us even more empty and discontented.

I have a challenge: I want stop being a greedy woman and become a starving woman! I want to get the right food and indulge in the things I really love, not the things in the window of life telling me that I should get them.

Who knows the expression? Successful woman? get another price, don't make victims along the way; and perhaps the journey to reach such a title is as or even tastier than the arrival itself.

I dare you to think: Are you a hungry or greedy woman? Do you have what hunger?

Blue Magic - Sweet Woman (May 2021)

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