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The little girl who just wanted to know how to play with dolls is now growing and becoming more vain not only in the production of clothes and hair care, but also with makeup. Some age comes when most teenagers stop using their mother's or older sisters' cosmetics and make-up to have their own beauty items.

The girls end up using lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow and even a blush to look more 'blush'. But at this stage it is not all that can be used on teenage girls' faces so they don't look too heavy and get old. Teen makeup doesn't have to be elaborate anymore, it should just enhance the girl's natural beauty by giving a few touches to give a soft highlight to the face, but without exaggeration.

The use of products to mask marks and soothe the appearance of acne on the face is very common at this age, but should be done subtly and in small quantities. Shadows and dark lipsticks age, so you need to balance and choose more nuances.

Follow some tips on how to make a makeup for teens very naturally, respecting the age and making any girl even more beautiful without exaggeration.

Daily Makeup

Before starting makeup, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin with a facial tonic to remove all excess oils from the face and apply a sunscreen. Whether it's going to school or a walk in daylight, teen makeup needs to be lighter in color and natural.

Therefore, use a thin base, the ideal tone of your skin and preferably oil free. The concealer helps to disguise the pimple marks on the face, but without exaggeration. It is necessary to use in minimum quantity, only in the region of imperfections. Then the powder should be applied gently only in the? T? Region. to remove oil from the face.

To highlight the look, colorless or brown mascara is ideal, but black can also be used. The eyeliner should be applied very close to the upper and lower lashes. Passing white or beige eyeliner on the watermark helps to increase the look and makes the day look brighter.

And who said teenagers can't wear eyeshadow? Girls are free to use whatever type of eyeshadow they want, as long as they are softer in color, have an opaque effect and do not carry the eyelid too much. Bet on colors like pink, lilac, blue, coral and nude.

On the lips, no red lipstick or other more striking color. Make a little girl look with lipsticks with light nuances like pink, coral and nude. If you prefer to just shine, bet on colorless or even color gloss.

Finish the makeup with the blush that should be applied to the cheeks softly and with the tone according to your skin tone to give a healthier touch to the look.

Party Makeup

As every girl at this age likes to go out not only during the day but also at night, party makeup for teens It can be a little bolder and brighter, but in a controlled way. Start by preparing your skin the same way you do for everyday life, just by disguising unwanted brushes and giving your cheeks a healthy touch with blush.

The eyes can be a little happier with glittering shadows and shimmering effect, but without far exceeding the concave boundary. The two-color blend of smoky eyeshadows is also great for girls, as long as one of the eyeshadows is more neutral, such as the brown eye shadow at the top of the eyes mixed with a brighter color.

For the night, the black pencil is released at the bottom of the eyes and at the top with the slightly thicker streak. Generous layers of mascara help to enhance the look and lastly, the lipstick with soft colors like pink and nude or colorless gloss to give a special touch to make.

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