The benefits of a simple hug

O hug It is one of the main gestures of affection, it allows at the same time a pleasant feeling of comfort and protection. In addition, the hug is the universal affection, as it can be given and received from anyone.

Why is hugging good for your health?

O hug is very important for well being because it directly activates the temporal and frontal regions of the brain, which are the pleasure parts. During the hug, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin, which are the hormones that cause this sensation.

In addition to strengthening relationships between people and promoting empathy between them, hug can also be a great ally in fighting stress. Studies indicate that embracing lowers the levels of some stress-related hormones, can help lower blood pressure and, consequently, the risk of heart disease.

Other research also shows that the hug It generates the increase of a substance called oxytocin, which makes the person want to be more and more embraced by feeling the benefits that the gesture brings. Therefore, the more a person is hugged, the less stressed they become and the more hugs they will want, creating a virtuous circle and encouraging this healthy habit.

In the same way as the hug acts on hormone levels, it also has positive effects on one's feelings. When receiving a hug, the person feels welcomed and even in cases of depression, when she no longer sees a way out, it is possible that this picture reverses and the person feels stronger to fight for his life.

The hug and relationships

It is advisable for family members to hug at least once a day. This brings them closer and also closer together. In the rush of everyday life, often the family ends up little contact and misses several opportunities for affection. It is very important that children feel the comfort of their parents' embrace or they will end up resorting to other sources of affection and attention.

Couples also benefit from hug benefits. Some psychologists even consider that the hug is even more important than the kiss. When two people embrace each other, the reinforced feeling is that there are no differences or barriers that separate them, and this is essential to the success of relationships.

In addition to all these hug-related positive factors, it can also serve to brighten someone's day. Embrace someone who does not wait for this gesture, such as a co-worker, as long as you have enough openness for it. You will notice that the person will smile and the mood between you will be healthier and lighter.

Finally, there is no doubt that the hug It is one of the most important gestures of affection of humanity. It is understood by anyone from any country, any age and any race. Abuse hugs and enjoy the well-being it can provide.

Why do we hug???? (April 2021)

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