The Benefits Of Belly Dancing

THE belly dance It is an ancient art linked to fertility and sexuality. The mix of beauty and mystery of movement makes dance fascinating. The clothing full of details is also another ingredient that arouses the charm of women. But in addition to working sensuality, belly dance It also has numerous benefits for a woman's body and mind.

Because it works the whole body, belly dancing is considered a great option for women who do not like to go to the gym, but also do not want to be without physical activity.

Movement in the abdomen, more precisely in the belly, strengthens and tones the muscles. The practice of dance also provides greater flexibility to the body, promotes postural reeducation, helps shape the legs, arms, waist, hips, back and buttocks.

Others benefits of belly dancing are increased cardiorespiratory capacity, activation of blood circulation, better functioning of the digestive tract, kidneys and sexual organ. Also on the list is relief from body and joint pain, constipation and the symptoms of menopause.

And the advantages don't stop there. THE belly dance can assist in the weight loss process. One hour of class can burn up to 400 calories.

The physical and emotional benefits make belly dance An important body and mental therapy to work on self-esteem, fight depression, stimulate social life, relax the body and fight stress. Those who practice this modality learn to take better care of and accept their own bodies, and observe that it has several qualities that may have never been worked on before.

Health Benefits of Belly Dancing (April 2021)

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