The benefits of physical activity in old age

Practicing physical activity is essential at all stages of life, but in third As they age, they become even more important. Exercise brings many advantages to the body, improving the quality of life and providing well-being.

There are a number of changes that occur in the body and body with aging, and without extra care, various problems can arise. For those who have reached old age, moving the body by practicing physical activities regularly is the best way to stay away from physical inactivity and ensure more willingness. Physical exercise is undoubtedly a great ally to prevent and delay the process of aging.

Between the benefits of physical activity in old age These include increased muscle strength, energy, greater flexibility in the body, balance, motor coordination, weight control, decreased anxiety and prevention of various diseases.

But exercise not only improves the body capacity of the elderly, it also reflects in self-esteem.

For those over 60 have a healthy and quiet physical activity, some tips are valid.

Eat a balanced diet and consume plenty of water during activities, stretch before and after each exercise section, choose the best time to exercise, exercise 3 to 5 times a week for 20 minutes a day, and start activities Slowly increasing the intensity gradually are important guidelines.

THE physical activity in old age It must be pleasurable, so it is essential for the person to choose something they feel good about.

Walking, water aerobics, weight exercises, stretching, yoga, pilates, among others can all be practiced by the elderly.

It is important to highlight that before starting any activity, the elderly person needs to undergo a clinical evaluation so that the doctor can guide the choice and follow the exercise program to be followed.

Physical activity for older people (April 2021)

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