The Benefits Of Riding

If before bike It was used only for tours, today it has become an alternative means of transportation for those concerned with ensuring the preservation of the planet, adopt a sustainable lifestyle and still escape congestion.

Cycling is also one of the most complete activities to exercise the body and escape the dangers of physical inactivity. A 40-minute city tour takes about 300 calories. And the benefits of pedaling are many.

Bicycle movements work every muscle in the body, strengthen the buttocks, calves, abdomen, and make the legs more firm.

Also, make a habit of ride a bike Improves fitness, cardiorespiratory and combat problems such as depression and stress.

For more safety, a tip is always to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and well hydrate the body drinking plenty of water before and during the route.

The Healthy Habit Of Bike Riding (April 2021)

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