The benefits of shiitake mushroom

With characteristic flavor, the shiitake mushroom It is widely used in oriental cooking as an ingredient in sauces, soups, creams, sauteed, risotto risotto or pasta, as an accompaniment of meat and fish and even in the preparation of teas.

But it is not only for the various possibilities of preparation that the shiitake It is so popular among Chinese and Japanese. This type of mushroom has been used for many years as a medicine to treat the body and live better, so it is called a "longevity tonic".

Although less popular than other mushroom types, shiitake stands out from the rest because of its high content in vitamins and substances that only offer health benefits.

It contains vitamins, fiber, minerals, a large amount of protein and a high content of essential amino acids, those nutrients that our body does not produce, but which are fundamental for the proper functioning of metabolism.

Strengthening the immune system is among the main benefits of shiitake mushroom. The food stimulates the functioning of cells responsible for producing a substance related to the fight against influenza and other infections, even those caused by chronic diseases such as hepatitis. In addition, studies show that the shiitake mushroom acts on cancer prevention.

O shiitake It also protects the body against heart disease, such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, as it contains fibers that help control bad cholesterol and substances that prevent fat from accumulating in the blood and clogging the arteries.

The benefits of shiitake mushroom can also be felt on the scale as it can be considered a light food. A 100 gram serving, the equivalent of one and a half cups of tea, has only 35 calories. You can say that four tablespoons of shiitake add up to the same amount of calories from small red meat, with the advantage of having less fat.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefits - The Amazing Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms (April 2021)

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