The Benefits Of Skim Milk

O milk It is our main food for the first six months of life, but even after this period, its importance in diet and its health benefits are unquestionable, as the food has a wide variety of nutrients that are essential and promote a healthy life. .

There are different milk types, including some calcium iron fortified and vitamins, each with properties that can help children's growth, adult bone fortification, and more.

The preference of many is still for whole milk which, although tastier, is not the best for those looking to follow a healthy diet and keep fit or for those who need or want to control fat intake. In these cases, the most appropriate is the skimmed milk, which has a maximum of 0.5% fat.

O skimmed milk can quietly replace the whole milk, as it has similar amounts of protein, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients, especially calcium, so important for keeping bones strong. As benefits of skim milkWe can mention that in addition to having a lower caloric value, it has a lower amount of saturated fats, those that in excess raise the levels of bad cholesterol.

Because it tastes more discreet, anyone who is used to another type of milk may have the impression that skimmed milk It is weaker. But forget this idea. In fact, skim milk can be used in cooking, in the preparation of cakes, sauces, sweets and drinks without changing the taste of recipes.

REACH- Promotion of Skim Milk in Public Schools -- The Institute for Urban Family Health, New York (April 2021)

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