The Benefits Of Water Aerobics

For those who want to lose weight or simply maintain health, exercise is essential. Ideally, always look for something that you feel good about and that is pleasurable. Among so many options for physical activity, water aerobics It is a very fun alternative and it offers several benefits to the body.

The pool exercises They can be practiced by people of any age, those with little or a lot of conditioning and also for and as therapy in case of injuries. It is also a great activity for pregnant women.

THE water aerobics has a differential of other physical activities done on the ground. Being an activity practiced in water, it does not present pain, sweating and feeling of exhaustion, but rather a relaxing effect of muscles and relief of tensions.

Between the benefits of water aerobicsWe can highlight that pool exercises improve muscle conditioning, cardiorespiratory endurance, work on body flexibility, development of major muscle groups, toning muscles of arms, legs, buttocks, relieve stress and aid in weight loss .

To have satisfactory results and realize the benefits of water aerobics, it is recommended to practice three times a week, 45 minutes a day, for a period of 3 months. The caloric expenditure for this activity is 260 to 400 kcal / hour.

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics Exercise (April 2021)

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