The fashion of mini prints

The winter fashion 2011 will have prints, many prints. Abstract, graphic, animal print, floral, plaid and the mini prints.

This summer, pet print clothes brought the trend of clothes with sequential patterning. From the walkways to the streets, the prints of cats, dogs and swallows became a hit of the season.

And it looks like the racing stamp will continue to be seen for some time to come. Is that the figurative mini prints They are among the must-have items for the coming winter.

But now, the dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and other pieces earn racing prints for other reasons.

In the parades that presented the bets for winter 2011, owls, giraffes, zebras, beetles, hearts, balls, fruits appeared.

Betting on mini prints without error

To use the mini prints, just combine with neutral pieces or make bolder combinations, betting on the mix of prints. And a tip: the closer the tones of the racing prints, easier to hit the mix.

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