The fashion of the lace-shaped scarf

Like scarves and scarves, scarves They are also indispensable accessories in the women's wardrobe to complement any look. The types of handkerchief moorings are diverse, and each season comes a different way to make the look even more modern.

The fashion of the time is that of lace scarf. This type and mooring inspired by the lady like romanticism can also be called tie or lace.

For a beautiful and delicate finish, the ideal is that the lace is made in thinner and lighter fabrics such as satin and silk or even with a warmer fabric such as velvet.

Even giving a more elegant touch to the look, the lace It can be worn on any occasion and period of the day, just know how to match the looks.

Textured and print productions call for smoother, neutrally colored handkerchiefs or shades that match some pattern color to balance the look. For more basic and print-free productions, abuse of colorful scarves or prints that are on the rise this season can be liberty, plaid, leopard. A tip to complement the look at parties, is to abuse the scarves with brilliance and more loaded details.

You can find models of blouses and shirts that already have the lace on the collar. Just wear the garment and tie, without having to worry about matching the color of the blouse with that of the accessory.

How to Tie a Scarf

For tie the scarf There is no secret. Use a medium handkerchief and fold it so that it is a band. Then wrap this band over your neck leaving one end on each side. Join the two ends together making a knot and finally a simple loop. Finally, straighten the scarf and position the lace as desired.

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