The importance of breakfast

Everyone has heard that it is essential to start the day eating well. But do you really know which the importance of breakfast?

Counting since the last meal, the time we spend sleeping is a long period of fasting.

During sleep, the body continues to work to maintain basic functions such as heart function, circulation and breathing. Even at a slower pace, all of these functions consume the stored energy.

This is why on waking we need to provide more energy so that the body can perform day to day activities very willingly. Therefore, the title of the Breakfast most important meal of the day is more than deserved.

THE morning food It is also associated with hunger regulation. A balanced breakfast decreases hunger at subsequent meals and reduces the risk of overeating throughout the day. Thus, early breakfasters are more likely to control their weight.

What should the breakfast menu look like?

Start the day well by keeping breakfast menu, which should be rich in:

  • Carbohydrates: breads, cereals, toast
  • Proteins: White Cheese, Ricotta, Milk, Yogurt, Turkey Breast
  • Vitamins: Fruits or Fruit Juice
  • Minerals

They are nutrients that generate more energy for the body and accelerate metabolism as a whole. To replenish your lost energy, it is best to eat up to five moderate meals during the day, every two to three hours.

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal? (April 2021)

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