The importance of selenium for health

O selenium It is a mineral that can not miss the menu of those who want to maintain a healthy diet and delay the effects of aging. Within the human organism, selenium has a function similar to vitamin E. It binds to some existing proteins to form enzymes with antioxidant properties, essential for fighting free radicals that damage cells.

The thyroid also works better with the help of selenium. This is because the lack of this element in the body can impair the production of T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism and directly interfere with the functioning of various organs and processes such as growth, menstrual cycle, reasoning, memory, heartbeat, fluid elimination, fertility, bowel function, muscle strength, sleep and weight control.

The mineral also acts by assisting the immune system in defending the body to prevent influenza, infections and viruses and is linked to the body's ability to eliminate toxic substances and possible heavy metals that may be lodged in cells.

THE lack of selenium It can cause serious problems to the human body. A diet based on processed and refined foods? whereas food refinement causes significant loss of selenium? It is one of the main reasons for selenium deficiency. The main signs of this deficiency are muscle pain, fatigue and muscle weakness, and white spots on the nails, problems that can be reversed with supplementation.

Where to find selenium?

To prevent health damage caused by for lack of selenium, you need to include good sources of mineral in your diet. And just a small amount each day. Grains are the main suppliers of selenium, with emphasis on Brazil nuts. Eating one nut a day is enough to replenish the required amount of nutrient.

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