The use of primer in makeup

The cosmetic market has been invaded by the much-talked about makeup primer or "pre-makeup" products. But after all, what are these products and what do they offer?

These products promise to control the greasiness, disguise the enlarged pores, fix the makeup and form an invisible film that reduces the small imperfections of the skin. To understand it better, imagine that our skin is a wall full of holes, and to plug these holes in the wall we need to apply a smooth putty. The primer plays more or less this role. The surface of the skin becomes more even and thin, ready to receive concealer, base and powder coverage.

It is important to remember that we should always cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin before makeup and only after this procedure comes the prime. The skin is perfect and makeup lasts longer with the use of these products, which should be applied after moisturizing and before makeup. For those who do not want or do not like to wear makeup, it is also worth using the prime to contribute to a healthy aspect of skin with reduced pores, in addition to the matte effect.

There are several versions of this product on the market, usually it comes as a thin, light and sandy cream. Apply it only to the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) where the skin produces the most oiliness. Remember that throughout the day you should reapply the face powder for brightness control. For hot days or for oily skin, this procedure should be repeated every 3 hours on average. Powder primes are usually white in color and should also be applied before makeup or after powder application. Powder primes generally control skin luster more effectively than cream products.

There are also primers for specific use, such as shadow primes that are ideal for those with this oilier region. Eyeshadow primes should be used before them as they promise greater durability and bright colors. The lip primes, in addition to promising greater lipstick fixation, also moisturizes and diminishes the lines or creases around the mouth.

Always remember to remove all makeup at the end of the day, moisturize your skin well and enjoy life, doing everything you want!

Good luck!

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