Things to do with children on rainy days

Rainy weather disrupted his plans to take an outdoor walk and the children are you busy at home? The situation can end the patience of many mothers who get lost without knowing how to entertain their children at home. But with a little creativity, you can improvise some activities and enjoy the day with the kids.

What had everything to be a boring day with nothing to do can turn into an afternoon of joy and laughter. To make it more fun, get the whole family together and go back to childhood by playing with the little ones. Check out now some activities to do with children on rainy days.

Paintings and collages

Set aside crayons, crayons, pens, colored inks, magazines, prints, and lots of paper to let your children unleash their imagination by making collages and paintings. Teach them how to make fun drawings, folds and collages. At the end, make a display of the pictures and show it to the whole family.

Videogame games

If the kids are too agitated, set up video game competitions with fun games and get the whole family to cheer. Make a ranking of the best players and in the end, hand out prizes like candies, lollipops and chocolate to please.

Educational and fun games

Time to get the best board games, cards and puzzles out of the closet to pass the time in a more fun and interactive way. For older kids who already know how to write, play games like detective, stop and gallows. As well as being fun, it is a way for your children to practice handwriting and learn how to spell the words correctly.

Home theater session

On rainy days, enjoy a little movie session with your children. Make the couch comfortable with plenty of pillows and covers, make delicious food like a popcorn jar, rain cookies, candy or fun snacks and set aside that movie or cartoon you haven't watched before.

Play with clothes and costumes

Kids love to become their favorite characters or even their own parents. So separate the children's costumes and some of your forgotten clothes in the closet. Make up girls with makeup and boys with different hairstyles. At the end of the production, make a parade with photography and music, it's fun guaranteed.

Little cabin

If the rain is very heavy with lightning and thunder, set up a cozy little cabin for the kids. Use mattresses, blankets and pillows to make them feel more protected and forget about the bad weather outside. Bringing flashlights into the hut is a great way to light it and keep children from being afraid of the dark.

Beauty salon for girls

Girls love to produce themselves, and mom's beauty products are the main tools for this fun. So, set aside some makeup you don't use much and set up a beauty salon at home.

Have fun with your daughter doing hairstyles, makeup and nails. To make the game even cooler, make your daughter feel like a hairdresser and make-up artist for a day and let her look work out for her.

Hide and seek in the dark

Enjoy that the weather is closed and a little dark, close the curtains and play hide and seek in the dark or mia cat. Make them hide in the bedroom, living room or even the house and go looking for the kids.

Organize the room with the kids

Spending time with children asking for their help to arrange the room differently can also be fun. Ask for help organizing the wardrobe by folding piece by piece, sorting out dirty clothes, teaching them how to arrange toys, and keeping the bed stretched out at all times. To finish cleaning, help the children sweep and mop the bedroom floor so that it is well cleaned and fragrant.

Cuca master

Rainy days always ask for that bullshit to eat, don't you? Get the kids together and pick fun recipes for cakes, brigadier, pies, snacks and have them help you prepare the recipe. Remember that children should stay away from stoves, microwaves and sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

So set aside simpler activities such as helping to separate ingredients, roll up cookies, put cookies on trays, and stuff pies and snacks. Then just have fun eating with the whole family together.


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