Tips and care for those who live alone

Increasingly, the search for home ownership and the need to have your corner is what makes young people and adults decide Living alone. According to data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), seven thousand people have already made this decision in Brazil, which is equivalent to 12.2% of households in the country.

However, for those who are in this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to some items and redouble the day-to-day care. Investing in security and getting to know neighbors are some of the examples, because usually the house will be alone while you are at work.

Knowing who is around is critical to ensuring the good neighborhood and also later, asking for help so that this person keeps an eye on your home while you work, for example. For those who prefer the apartment, the rule is the same as you will share the same floor with other strangers.

For those who are more homely, psychologist Odair Comin explains that it is important for the person to fulfill their personal desires and make their home much more cozy for themselves. If being at home is the most constant choice, you need to make your home an amusement park, a library, a movie theater, a stage, a restaurant, a bar. That is, make your home an ideal place to fulfill your wishes. At the same time, if you don't like to go out, you can welcome people into your home. Is it a way to maintain conviviality, without leaving your pleasant habits ?, explains.

But having your singing does not mean isolating yourself from people. Hanging out with friends and visiting family is critical. Nothing prevents you from calling them for dinner or a barbecue at the new house. Being with friends, not to escape loneliness, but to meet company, people we like, to perform activities that give us pleasure. Balance is always the best way out, to be able to live well with both loneliness and company ?, comments Comin.

For the psychologist, living alone is also a good way to know yourself. He suggests some tips. Check out:

Friend of yourself

We often live with the need to have friends to share our day-to-day longings, but being friends with you is the most effective antidote to loneliness.

Don't run away from loneliness

Learn to live with her and use her as a company too. Try to do things you could only do on your own: read a book, see that show or show that only you like.

Go to the movies, stroll in the park, ride a bike. Do activities that take you to social life without necessarily having a company.

For the psychologist, cultivating good thoughts is paramount. "Having good thoughts and cool attitudes is a way of turning your inner world into a pleasant place, so you're sure to enjoy spending time with yourself," he suggests.

How To Live Alone | A Year By Myself (April 2021)

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