Tips for cleaning and preserving school uniforms

One of the problems that most afflicts the daily life of mothers is that of school uniform. As a piece of frequent and intense use, school uniforms should be carefully cared for so that they do not spoil in the first semester.

One thing to keep in mind is that children and teens wear the uniform for physical education classes, among other activities that cause more wear and tear on the material. As such, your life can be extended, but uniforms still have a short life.

For those who still have small children, we suggest donating uniforms that no longer fit, as they stop serving even before wearing out. For those who already have older children who do not have to change the numbering so much, it is worth taking good care of uniforms so you do not have to buy all new every year.

One tip is to have between three and four uniforms and by the end of the year, see which ones are in good condition and keep and discard or recycle those that can no longer be worn. So you don't have to renew the entire uniform stock, just replace some.

As for the cleaning of uniforms, it should be done taking some care, one of them is to check the label to check the possibilities of washing, drying and how it should be passed.

Handwashing should be done gently so as not to alter the structure of the uniform. However, if you are washing the machine, prefer the gentle or fast mode as they do not have to soak or have extra washes.

In addition, stained uniforms should not be soaked in bleach as it gradually damages the fabric. Prefer products that are specific to remove stains on that type and color of fabric and use the product only on the stained area.

Remember that uniforms with pieces of different colors, for example, blue pants and white T-shirt, should be washed separately so as not to stain. We also suggest leaving the uniform to dry in the shade to prevent the color of the uniform from fading.

To iron the uniform, do not abuse the temperature. Stamped parts should be ironed inside out, while polyester uniforms should be ironed at a low temperature or with a protector to avoid possible marks on the fabric.

We also recommend giving some conservation tips to your children, such as: removing the uniform as soon as you get home, avoiding dropping it, taking care not to drop food or other substances that may cause stains.

Combine your care with the cleanliness and care your child can take to keep beautiful uniform longer is a guarantee of economy and uniforms that last longer school years.

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