Tips for Proper Child Feeding

Not always including green foods in children's meals is the solution to nutritional education and consequently a better quality of life.

The search for healthier and more balanced dishes leads mothers to drastically cut foods that the little ones are already used to eating, which in practice is not considered a correct way.

But how do you know if children's feeding is it really correct? Le Baragosse offers some tips and some topics that should be regularly observed by parents in their daily lives. Write it down:

Frozen drinks

Although completely practical, boxed drinks contain a large amount of sugar, a factor that contributes greatly to the excess weight gain of children. Therefore, it is preferable for children to drink juices made from natural fruit. Not sweetening the drink is also crucial to avoid obesity.

Spiced Foods

It is common for parents to hear that feeding infants or older children should have less spice. But be aware that this attitude is totally blameworthy by doctors. This is because, children need to learn to like green foods and to sharpen the taste, these foods should be very tasty and attractive. Therefore, invest in homemade spices and do not overdo the amount of salt.


Considered the villain among kids, green foods are key in your little one's diet. This is because they have the necessary amounts of vitamins for the growth and development of children.

To include in your children's diet, choose to mix them in omelettes, noodles or even on a dish like traditional rice and beans.

Attractive dishes

It has been scientifically proven that making tasty dishes is a very effective way to catch the attention of little ones. So try to make him play with food, that is, make drawings that resemble his face, for example.

For this, buy those cups that help in the modeling of different designs or creative shapes, such as hearts, fish, balls, among others.


It is not wrong to let your children eat chocolates, chips or gum, for example. The wrong thing is to make them overeat at all meal times. Therefore, make rules and let them know that these foods should be eaten responsibly.


Including all kinds of fruits in the daily diet of the little ones is fundamental to the quality of life of children. So try to cut into cubes and have the little ones eat at least twice a day.

Join the meals

Already said the oldest: children are the mirrors of parents. It is therefore important that you participate and eat the same foods you ask your children to feed.

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