Tips for tracking children's performance at school

Assist in building a successful life, ensure all the best and the best and of course, allow your little ones to attend the best schools in town. These and other desires are the most heard among parents when it comes to their children's education and student life.

But these goals are not always enough for children to perform satisfactorily and to effectively follow the course available in schools. For this reason, Arlete Codo, a teacher at the High School tips for tracking children's performance at school.

According to Arlete, parents usually believe that ensuring a good college is synonymous with success for their children. “I have seen cases where they attribute the role of education only to the teacher, and believe that schools are the only ones who should teach. Is this a fairly common mistake?

However, partnership between parents and educators is crucial for the child developmentIt is because of the conversation between them, that you can detect failures, advances and even find ways on how to solve the child's gap.

And for that, nothing better than trying to meet the educator in the meetings in which the college makes available so that their work is always in tune. "Parents need to attend parent-teacher meetings, because that's when we can find ways to help each other," advises Arlete Codo.

Checking the schedule, checking homework, and group work are also effective ways to know how your child is doing. Many parents fail to look at their children's notebooks, check their handwriting, whim, and interest in their homework. Is that also harmful to her? Says Arlete.

Chat as friends

Parents need to talk openly with their children about everything from sexuality to drugs. Having an open relationship with the little ones makes them feel like talking about everything too. "Unfortunately, we are susceptible to all kinds of violence these days, and establishing a dialogue with children is a way to make them trust their parents and to be willing to tell everything about their lives," she advises.

It is also necessary not to stipulate notes and not overcharge them. Charging is one of the factors that undermines the good school performance of the little ones. It's important for parents to talk to their children, ask them daily if they have questions, and encourage the reading habit. Children who like to read little books stimulate the imagination and even the power of argument ?, says Arlete.

If your child scored below the recommended grade, it is ideal for parents to try to take time to study with their child and show them that they can recover, which will make them feel more confident and learn from them. your mistakes. "Fighting and demanding grades above what he has presented is not a healthy way to help them recover. It is essential that little ones see their parents as friends and will always be there to help them," says the teacher. .

The practice of physical activities is also a great option for children to be more attentive, which contributes effectively to the school result. ? Children have a lot of energy and so need to spend them. For this, it is recommended that parents try to play or even walk with their children for a few minutes. Is that enough to keep them ready? Arlete comments.

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