Tips for using the hair dryer

O hair dryer She is the great ally of women to dry and shape the locks quickly, but almost always ends up being a villain. Everyone must have heard that blow dry Every day using the dryer can damage the wires.

In fact, the threads can be dried daily in this manner without causing any damage. To take full advantage of this essential device to enhance female beauty, you need to know how to use the good old hair dryer.

Before using the dryer, an essential care is to remove excess water from the hair with a towel. This saves you time, energy and dries your hair faster.

THE dryer temperature This is one of the factors that must be taken into consideration. Keep the appliance at least 15 cm away from your hair and never let the air blast in one place for too long, so you do not risk burning the hair or scalp.

Those with oily hair should avoid directing hot air to the root. The warm air stimulates the sebaceous glands and the strands can look sticky.

To dry curly hair, it is worthwhile to use the help of the diffuser. It preserves the natural fall of hair and does not break the curls, because it dries the hair without the action of the wind, just spreading the heat. It's easy to use, just rest your hair on the diffuser and wait for it to dry. O dryer should be at low speed and medium temperature.

To increase the volume of straight hair, it is best to dry the hair by tilting the head down. Use the dryer at high speed with the aid of the diffuser. Then lift your head and pull the root of the wires up with the air concentrator nozzle, use your fingertips to assist. Finish with the cool air of the dryer to give more shine.

Always try to protect your hair using products thermoactivated, which when exposed to the heat of the dryer creates a protective layer on the wires. By following these tips, just choose a model and take advantage of your dryer by creating several different styles.

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