Tips on how to choose lingerie

At the time to buy lingerie, the options are many. There is a huge variety of colors, fabrics, designs, with fillings, removable straps, distinctive seams and even seamless pieces. The devices to attract women's attention are diverse, but it is no use buying beautiful lingerie if it is not very well chosen.

THE ideal lingerie It needs to fit your body perfectly and above all be comfortable. In addition, the pieces need to match your personality and the occasion. There are pieces for everyday use as well as the boldest ones, ideal for special occasions.

How to buy lingerie

To get it right when buying lingerie, it takes a dose of self-awareness. Knowing exactly the shapes and measurements of your body, the task of finding a lingerie set It gets much easier.

And there's no point trying to make a mistake, buying a smaller number won't make you slimmer. Even if you have it all up, wearing tight panties and bra can hamper circulation. Not to mention the marks on the body, which are super inelegant and deform the silhouette.

The elastics of the panties and chest strap on the bras need to be firm so that the garment sticks to the skin, but not to the point of discomfort. If the elastic marks or gets curled, prefer a larger number. Elastic the show isn't cool either, unless it's the purpose of the play.

Before you buy, make sure the garment has soft seams and, in the case of panties, if the anchor does not disturb. Rough seams are quite uncomfortable and can still irritate the skin.

For everyday wear, prefer the most comfortable fabric panties that keep up with your movements and facilitate sweating. Leave lace and other details for more special occasions.

As for the bra, the straps should be neither too loose nor too tight. If the bra does not fit the body properly, it can damage the spine, cause shoulder and neck pain. The bulge cannot be missing or left over, the breasts should be well seated in the bra.

Lingerie for your body type (May 2021)

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