Tips to be productive working at home

Who opts for work at home It has many advantages, including greater time flexibility, but it needs an extra dose of discipline.

For be productive working at homeThe ideal is to impose a scheme similar to what you would have in a conventional job, but most important of all is to obey it. Create your schedules: have time to start and stop work, set a lunch break.

Talk to the people in the house and make it clear that you would not want to be interrupted while you work. Define with the children, husband and maid what the exceptions are.

The temptation to spend the "office hours" all in pajamas can be big, but dress like you're going to work. It's a way of taking your seriousness more seriously. self-employment and value your self esteem.

Having organization is one of the essential factors for those who carry out an activity of I work at home. Keep your calendar up to date with your important contacts, your appointments.

If you have a work environment, make it a comfortable place with all the furniture, equipment, and essentials you need to perform your tasks efficiently.

How to Be Productive Working From Home | Ingrid Nilsen (April 2021)

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