Tips to have a beautiful and healthy smile

To keep your teeth white, have a beautiful smile, pleasant breath, prevent cavities and other diseases, you must follow a routine oral health care. Brushing well when you wake up, before bed, and right after meals, visit your dentist regularly, avoid overeating certain foods, drinks and stop smoking are some of them.

How to choose the ideal toothbrush

The ideal toothbrush should have soft, rounded bristles and a small head to fit well between teeth while brushing, but without hurting the gums. It is recommended to brush your teeth at least three times a day using fluoride toothpaste. Also remember that the toothbrush should be changed every two months.

How to brush your teeth correctly

To brush your teeth well, make circular motions from the gums to the ends of the teeth. A good brushing does not require force, which can wear out the enamel layer of the teeth, but it cannot be superficially so as not to leave accumulated food scraps. Food residues left in the teeth can cause tooth decay and other oral problems.

Do not forget to brush your tongue and cheek, as these are places that have the largest amount of bacteria accumulated and they are the major causes of bad breath. Another tip for having a beautiful and healthy smile is not to overdo the amount of paste as it can damage tooth enamel and leave white spots that may be irreversible.

Daily flossing is critical as it allows you to clean areas that the brush cannot reach. For more refreshing breath and a cleaner mouth, complement brushing using mouthwash, an effective product to prevent bad breath and further protect your teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly

Going to the dentist regularly is very important to take care of oral health, prevent some problems and check what treatments are needed to keep your smile up to date. In addition to periodic maintenance visits, see your dentist if you notice any changes in your teeth or feel any pain.

How to have healthy white teeth

In addition to good brushing and dental visits, those who wish to have a whiter smile should avoid overeating some foods and beverages that contain teeth-yellow substances. In the list of foods and beverages that yellow teeth are coffee, tea, wine, beans and foods with a lot of dye. Also pay attention to cigarette addiction, another responsible for yellowish teeth.

Eating too much sugary and fatty foods can cause tooth decay and gum inflammation, so eat healthier and brush your teeth immediately after meals. Foods like apple and carrot are astringent and help whiten teeth, include on the menu. Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates saliva secretion and helps to clean teeth.


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