Tips to make your wedding photos more fun

The most anticipated day of a woman's life is the date of her marriage. For everything to be perfect, brides spend months looking for the best professionals to perform the ceremony and party. And of course, to eternalize this unique moment not only in memory, photographs are indispensable. But with increasingly modern celebrations, the traditional photo album has become a thing of the past.

At Wedding pictures they must convey the happiness of the newlyweds, family and friends. For this, either photo is posed? it is acceptable. But if the intention is really to register the occasion, the relaxed and spontaneous photos, with wide smiles and moments of union among the guests, are the most indicated and the favorite of the photographers. Every professional loves to record unique scenes that happen in moments of relaxation. The album is much more beautiful and I like to see ?, says photographer João Carlos da Silva.

In addition to having different photos through? Techniques? like relaxation it is possible to have a fun wedding album, with unconventional photos and not just of the party.

The idea may seem bold, but to escape the conventional, brides can blend romanticism, modernity, and even traditionalism with creativity. Are you curious? Check out 4 tips for making your photos more fun.

1. Choose a place that you and your future husband prefer, preferably a place that represents something to your story. It can be a park, a beach, is up to the couple. Invite all the groomsmen and make a "playhouse". Abuse creativity and use guests to make the photo more fun. Remember that the venue should be close to the party location as everyone will have to go back to the celebration.

2. To cheer up the guests, you can set up a mini photo studio with fun gadgets like masks, glasses and hats, for example. Anyone who gets into the game will be guided by the photographer so that everything is fun. Alternatively, hand out these outfits during the party for everyone to use on the dance floor. They will surely yield amazing photos.

3. If the party is themed, which is quite common among modern brides, the decoration elements can be used to add charm to the photos. For example, in this case, the traditional photo behind the cake need not be deleted from the album. With a different cake, anyone who takes pictures behind him can dare and make it a very important element of the game.

4. Digital photo frames give a completely relaxed and modern look to your photos. Today, there are machines that take picture frames that can be rented to wedding parties. The cool thing about hiring this equipment is that the guest can interact with the frame, which can be a picture of the bride and groom in an unusual situation, for example. The other option for the frames is to ask the guests to make? Faces and mouths? and, at the time of editing, insert images, drawings, etc.

Photographer João Carlos da Silva explains that today, the preference of couples is to have a whole party fun. “Grooms looking for me to do something unusual have usually planned the entire party in fun detail and just want to capture that creativity through photography. But, what I tell them all is that photos must also be creative and fun.

Photos: Reproduction

Photos: Reproduction

Photos: Reproduction

Photos: Reproduction

Photos: Reproduction

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