Transform your look with visagism

You may not know exactly what it means, but you may have heard about visagism around. Word Originator visage, which means face, visagism is a concept of image customization that serves as a tool to help beauty professionals find the most appropriate style for each client.

Following the trend of customization, the idea is to compose a look valuing the person's personality through beauty techniques such as cut, coloring and makeup. The starting point for the practitioner to put visagism into practice is to recognize the person's identity through simple conversation. It is essential that the person also expresses which image he wants to convey: serious, responsible, modern, cool.

O visagist You also need to look at your client's professional and personal needs, tastes, and willingness to maintain the look you choose.

A woman may even use her favorite actress's photo as an inspiration, but the same haircut, exactly the same, may not go well. That's why one of the biggest rules of visagism is personalization, not standardization.

Another key step in visagism is to analyze the geometry of the face, its angles, size and shape of the eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows, chin and hair. That is, items that interfere with the final result. Visagism seeks the best shade and haircut to help balance the features and harmonize facial expression, some of the secrets to creating a unique look.

Combining visagism with makeup techniques has the same transformative result as a hair job. The practitioner needs to have mastery over different face shapes and color knowledge not only to make combinations, but to know the meaning and what each one conveys when using them.

So the next time you go to the salon, keep in mind that it's not the cut, the new dye color, or the makeup result that should look good, it's the whole set. O visagism concept provides more than just a new look, it also lets you know yourself better.


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