Tumblr makeup: photos, tutorials and the products for a stylish make-up

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The tumblr makeup is absolute success among bloggers and teenagers. Inspired by the aesthetics of the Tumblr social network, the make of this style looks for a natural effect as if we were with a clear face. On the other hand, productions for special events are neat in outline and outline.

We have selected 25 photos with make tumblr to inspire you, 8 tutorials for you to copy and the products you need to get it right. They are passionate!

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25 tumblr makeup photos for you to fall in love

And to get an idea of ​​the features of tumblr makeup, check out 25 makeup photos in this style and get inspired!

1. Make Tumblr usually looks for a? Clean face?

2. As if we weren't even made up

3. You can follow some tricks to make a natural Tumblr makeup

4. With mascara + light lipstick you get this result

5. Making eyebrows well defined is characteristic of this look

6. Just like the outline

7. And the blush-stained cheeks

8. This style of make is super versatile.

9. For everyday, you can bet on a simple Tumblr makeup

10. And to rock a special event, be inspired by this one!

11. After all, Tumblr party makeup is glamorous

12. If you prefer, you can opt for a discrete make

13. Or caprice in the eyes and dark lipstick

14. These productions match the delicate

15. And with the most stylish too

16. You can assemble a pastel pink make-up

17. Defined eyebrow + outlined kitten is the face of this production

18. And nothing stops you from creating a strong toned make

19. The tumblr girl makeup is unlimited

20. The glossy effect with glowing skin is on the rise!

21. To make a difference, you can apply a very discreet colored eyeliner

22. Mouth + flushed cheeks are part of make Tumblr

23. This look is delicate yet powerful

24. Caprice on illuminator and eyebrow

25. And rock the pose for the picture!

For everyday life, just a mascara and a concealer. And for parties and special occasions, capriche in outlined and well-lit skin.

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How To: 8 Tumblr Makeup Tutorials

And now that you have plenty of inspiration, here's how to do a tumblr makeup. Check out the tricks for a "clean face" result, natural and tips to rock a stylish and neat make!

Make tumblr tutorial super easy

This walkthrough is easy to follow and presents how to do a tumblr makeup if you are new to the subject. Check out the tricks on how to achieve the natural effect and tips on how to leave the skin lightened.

Tumblr girl full and neat makeup

This make-up is not meant to look natural, on the contrary, it is neat with eye shadow, striking eyeliner and matte lipstick to complete. If you are looking for a party production, be inspired by this makeup!

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Tumblr makeup for redheads

If you're from the redhead team, follow this tutorial to create a supercharged make tumblr. With shades of pink, blush, eyeliner and lip tint the makeup is delicate and stylish.

Tumblr makeup for brunettes

In this humorous video by blogger Thamires Stephane, we follow how to make a makeup full of tricks, but that looks natural. One of the secrets is to care about the eyebrow and the skin. See the step by step.

Make tumblr girl

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And if you want to look like tumblr-style bloggers, copy this makeup. See how to prepare the skin, which shade to choose, and how to highlight the eyebrow.

Tumblr makeup with freckles

One feature of make tumblr is freckles and if you don't have them naturally you can do them with makeup. Check out how to make a complete make up with freckles using bronzer, illuminator and a contour kit.

Tumblr makeup for summer

This make is summer face: tanned skin, and eyes and mouth not loaded. The secret of this make-up is a well-lit face, it is perfect for you to enjoy the beach and the heat without the smudge of makeup.

How to Have Tumblr Makeup's Pink Cheeks and Mouth

Another characteristic of tumblr makeup is the well-colored mouth and cheeks. And there's a trick for you to do: just spread pink lipstick on your cheeks and dye in your mouth for a natural effect. Check out the complete walkthrough in the video.

The tutorials are varied for you to choose a make that suits varied occasions without giving up your own style. Ready to try all these tricks?

8 products for you to do a staggering Tumblr makeup

With some basic makeup products, such as concealer and mascara, you can make a complete make-up. See what you need:

  1. Blush Rose Gold in Océane
  2. Lipstick Joli Joli, at Época Cosmetics
  3. Boca Rosa illuminating palette in Riachuelo
  4. Mascara The Colossal Volum Maybelline, in Cosmetic Season
  5. Make B. Eyeliner Pen at O ​​Boticário
  6. Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil at Renner
  7. Liquid Concealer, Who Said, Berenice?
  8. RK by kiss outline palette at Época Cosmetics

With these products it is possible to assemble a neat make tumblr without spending much. Which item will you choose to get in your makeup box?

The tumblr makeup is versatile for you to wear everyday, social occasions and to take amazing pictures too. With the tricks and products indicated you can make a respectful production! Did you fall in love with this trend? See 55 looks tumblr for you to adopt the style.

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