Types of clothesline for hanging clothes

When it's time to dry your laundry is lacking laundry space, is the clothesline not sturdy enough, is it too small for the pieces or is there not even enough sun and wind in the room? Know that there are several types of clothesline for hanging clothes Which can be very useful in your home, just choose the ideal model according to your need.

Cable with wire rope

O wire rope It is the most traditional, especially for those who live in homes with plenty of backyard space. This model needs two parallel walls as support. The ropes are pilipropylene, which can be found up to ten meters long and can be extended and secured by hooks or wrapped around the corner of the wall, when no need to use the clothesline or if the ropes come to disturb.

On the wire rope clothesline you can hang from delicate and light parts to heavier ones. It is also a great option for those who want to enjoy the sunny hours or with that cool wind so that the clothes dry quickly.

Retractable clothesline

There are two types of retractable clothesline: O wall mounted clothesline, without being suspended, which has six to eight rods and can be closed so that it occupies only three centimeters thick against the wall, and the accordion clothesline, which instead of lowering, is retreated by the wall for about ten centimeters. The disadvantage of the retractable accordion clothesline is that its side structure is more fragile, so it is not recommended to hang very heavy parts.

Concertina clothesline

O accordion line It is of stable type due to its type of structure. It does not take up so much space and is best suited for small service areas or apartments. It is a folding type, that is, to use just open and then close to avoid occupying so much space in the environment. You can hang any type of clothing as long as they are not so heavy as there is a risk of imbalance and it is not advisable to hang long pieces as they may drag on the floor.


O swivel clothesline It can be either mobile or fixed to the floor. This type of clothesline is a great option for hanging larger and heavier pieces such as sheets, blankets, jeans and jackets. Due to its size, it is recommended that it be installed in large spaces, preferably in the yard.

Clothesline with preachers

O clothesline with preachers It is ideal for hanging smaller and more delicate pieces like underwear, socks and scarves individually. The big advantage is that this kind of clothesline already comes with the built-in pins, as the name says. What's more, it doesn't take up as much space as it can be hung on the common clothesline and taken out whenever you want and can even be taken for travel.

Clothesline floor

O clothesline floor Traditionally, its feet are shaped like "X". It can be found on models with upper flaps that open and close, a type that ensures that the appliance does not take up a lot of space in the laundry or any room of the house, especially when storing.

The floor clothesline can be moved anywhere. In addition to the traditional model, there is also the clothesline with tabs open and run. It is not recommended to place very heavy and long pieces if not well distributed on the rods, as imbalance may occur causing the clothesline to turn. The most suitable for this type of clothesline are light and small clothes.

Individual clothesline

O individual clothesline It can be installed on the ceiling and in case of lack of space it can also be wall mounted, a great option for use in small laundries or apartments. Made with aluminum rods that replace the traditional rope, the clothesline has an individual mechanism for lowering and lifting garments without having to move the entire structure. There are a variety of sizes and designs, the choice depends on your taste and the size of the environment. This kind of clothesline can hang any kind of clothes, being necessary not only to abuse the very heavy parts.

Crank clothesline

With a wall mounted manual lift, the crank clothesline makes it easy to lift and lower without much effort. The clothesline is fixed to the ceiling of the laundry, without compromising the space of the environment, however small. It is very easy to use this type of clothesline, just move the handle so that it goes down, hang the clothes and raise the clothesline again for the pieces to dry. On the crank clothesline it is allowed to hang any type of clothes, even the heaviest, bearing in mind that they should always be extended individually to avoid accidents.

Electric clothesline

O electric clothesline It is the most modern and innovative model.Besides being practical, it makes life easier for the housewife and is a great alternative to use on cold and rainy days. The clothesline has six instantaneous, low-power heating bars and automatically shuts off after drying the parts at the ideal temperature and without causing damage. It is lightweight, very easy to carry and can be used anywhere.

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