Types of Eyebrow Tweezers

The tweezers are an indispensable accessory to eliminate unwanted hair and keep the eyebrows always with the perfect and well outlined design. Although it is a small item, for the tweezers to be good, it needs to be accurate enough to easily remove the fur without breaking them.

This is why there are different types of tweezers with different ends, each with the function of meeting the needs of each hair, be it in the shortest, thin, long to the thickest wires. Learn more about the types of eyebrow tweezers and know which one is right for you.

Straight end

Straight or square-tipped forceps are the most common and can be found easily. In addition to the more affordable price, it is very practical in handling and great for removing medium and long hair.

The straight tip tweezers are used to clean the eyebrow contour and remove excess hair without having to disturb the design. This type of tweezers can end up removing more than one wire at a time, so be careful not to cause damage and leave failures.

Diagonal tip

The diagonal tip tweezers have a tilt at the tip of the blade to delineate the shape of the eyebrows by removing medium and short hairs at the root. Its handling is easy, practical and has great accuracy.

Thin tip

The fine-tipped scalpel or scalpel-tipped tweezers, as it is also known, is ideal for drawing delicate eyebrow shapes and removing shorter and thinner hairs. Because it requires some skill in handling, this type of tweezers is ideal for use by professionals with practice.

With light

Built-in light tweezers are big news. Does the model have a small integrated LED light that hinders handling and improves viewing of eyebrow hair? especially the very thin ones? making wire removal much easier.

Tweezers models

Now that you know the characteristics of each type, check out the gallery of eyebrow tweezers to better understand the differences between them.



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