Understand the differences between lamp types

To avoid waste and reduce the value of your energy bill, you need to know how to choose the light bulb type right for your home. There are economic models, but with the cost price ranging from reasonable to high. However, the investment is worth it, as the economy appears at the end of the month. To learn how to spend less, understand the differences between lamp types and choose the best one for your home and your pocket.


THE incandescent lamp It is cheaper, but it is not economical because it converts electricity into light and heat and generates more energy expenses. Being a kind of warm light, it is most used in rooms such as living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, as it gives a more cozy feel to the environment. Disposing of the incandescent light bulb may be common waste.


THE halogen light bulb It is only 30% more economical than incandescent, but with the differential of its components allow the increase in product quality of action and make it longer lasting.

Unlike the cost price of incandescent, its value is higher. Its useful life is up to 4,000 hours and can replace the incandescent in any room of the house, especially in the yard and garden. Their disposal can also be through ordinary waste.

Tubular Fluorescent

THE tubular fluorescent lamp It is 80% cheaper, its cost is low and its lifespan of 7,500 hours. It works as a discharge lamp, where next to a reactor, an electric firing occurs which is converted to light by a lamp coating called fluorescent powder. THE tubular fluorescent lamp It should be used in garages and kitchens and its disposal is through recycling.

Compact Fluorescent

As with the tubular type, the compact fluorescent lamp It is also 80% more economical, but has differences in its cost price. Another difference is that the model already has the reactor built into the base.

This type of lamp can be used in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms and its lifespan is up to 10,000 hours. Remember that the disposal of the compact fluorescent lamp can only be done through recycling.


THE led lamp It is 85% cheaper than the others, but its cost price ranges from reasonable to the most expensive. Its operation is through an array of LEDs (semiconductor electronic components) that convert energy into light.

Its lifespan is up to 30,000 hours and it can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms or just as directed light to illuminate pictures and mirrors in decorating the environment. The led lamp should also be disposed of by recycling.

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