Unerring Tips for Preparing a Romantic and Warm Evening

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A healthy relationship is strengthened daily in the demonstrations of affection and care. However, sometimes it is valid to "get out of routine"? and surprise the one you love. And it can be done relatively simply, even at home, for example, preparing a romantic evening.

And you don't have to spend a lot of time or money on it. The most important thing is to put love in the preparation of every detail. And of course add the ingredient of sensuality, so that the highlight is a good night of love? so important for maintaining the union between the couple. Get inspired by good ideas and even recipes to prepare a romantic and warm evening for those you love!

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How to prepare a romantic night

Write down the key points for preparing a truly special and complete romantic evening at home as a surprise to your sweetheart.

  1. Set the date and make sure that even unaware of the surprise, he or she will not arrange another program for the evening.
  2. Define whether or not the night will have a specific theme.
  3. Decide what to use for decoration (and whether you need to buy something you don't have at home).
  4. Think about the menu and drinks and make the shopping list (if you order dinner, keep in mind where you will order it).
  5. Do not forget to put the drinks to ice in advance.
  6. Schedule the soundtrack in advance so that you don't have to "look for music" right now.
  7. Wear an outfit that your partner likes and / or a very beautiful lingerie.
  8. Feel beautiful and fragrant.
  9. Leave the environment fragrant but with soft aromas.
  10. Act naturally so as not to spoil the surprise.
  11. Prefer a low light and explore the use of candles.

Comment on as few people as possible about the romantic evening, so you don't run the risk of someone commenting on it and spoiling the surprise.

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Creative ideas for a romantic evening

Check out some ideas that can serve as a? Base? for you to define all the details of the romantic night that your love will offer.

1. Organize a theme night

How about an Arabic dinner, for example, with ambient decoration in shades of red and gold? Or, a Hawaiian night, with flower decoration, light menu and good drinks ?!

When setting a theme, it will help you think of every detail like menu, decor and music. Other cool ideas: oriental night, italian night, mexican night, movie night, classic night (with heart balloons decoration), gala night etc.

2. Enjoy the moon

Prepare the romantic night for a strategic date on a full moon night. If you have a nice balcony, balcony or backyard, the tip is to offer a romantic moonlight dinner.

You do not necessarily have to prepare a dinner; cheese and wine, for example, blend well with this romantic mood.

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Regardless of the menu, it is worth decorating the table with candles and flowers and connecting a good romantic playlist (with songs that have meaning for the couple)!

3. Remember the honeymoon

Did you get married and have an unforgettable honeymoon ?! How about reliving everything by preparing a romantic night based on the trip?

In decorating, it is worth setting up a table set with elements that remember the destination. If it was the beach, for example, use shells; If it was a trip to Paris, nothing more conducive than a mini Eiffel Tower in the decoration! But these are just examples, of course!

Be sure to include picture frames of you on your honeymoon decor. The playlist should also be inspired by the trip, make sure you prepare it in advance so you can make a good selection.

To "close the night", wear a beautiful and sensual white lingerie, which helps to refer to the idea of ​​wedding night.

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4. Decorate the whole house

Don't just set the table where you are going to have dinner. It is worth decorating every room of the house.

But, that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money and time. Small details make all the difference: for example, place rose petals on the bed; candles in the bathroom sink; flower pots at strategic points of the house etc. Set aside the cutest dishes and accessories you have for this occasion.

Always remember that whatever the theme or menu you choose, what makes a romantic and special night is exactly the care you put into every detail.

Tips for a romantic and warm night

Is it possible to organize a romantic and spicy evening? at the same time.This provides for every detail to be thought of in order to stimulate in your partner the idea that the night will end in a much more special way (ie? That the best is yet to come?).

1. Preferably cook

If you have availability, cook for this special occasion. This is the biggest guarantee that you will put love in every detail, and will also enable you to prepare the menu with aphrodisiac elements.

Prefer light foods to ensure the night will not end soon after dinner with you two "full".

Choose a special drink for the couple, such as wine or craft beer, that pleases both and match the menu chosen? This will help you relax and let go more.

2. Organize a Relaxing Spa

With the rush of everyday life, who doesn't need to relax ?! How about providing this special moment for your love?

But of course, the night must also be warm (not just relaxing)! For this, the tip is to decorate the room especially: put relaxing music; use only candlelight; throw petals on the bed; prepare a tray with fruit, sparkling wine and chocolate.

Invest in a good back, foot and neck massage of your sweetheart. Use essential oils and other scents to leave the environment with a "spa smell". Do everything gently and "no hurry to finish". Ideally, he should relax.

If you have a bathtub at home, great! A tip is to fill it with warm water and pour a quantity of red wine to make it a special color.

3. Prepare a home sex shop

How about ensuring some toys and other elements that refer to the idea that you created a sex shop at home ?! You can prepare this space for example in the bedroom.

A creative idea is to organize some challenges so that your love can accumulate points and then? Can buy? some items in the sex shop according to the accumulated points.

4. Promote a? Treasure hunt?

Another interesting idea is to organize a treasure hunt game. It is worth buying, for example, a special toy and hiding it somewhere in the house, spreading notes with tips where it may be.

Go for the toy or other element you will hide so that the search is really worthwhile. It's interesting to think of some wish he or she has or some fantasy you've talked about before.

Also remember to decorate the house with candles, red flowers, among other elements, creating a special and warm environment.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many ways to prepare a romantic and warm evening for your sweetheart.

Recipes for romantic evening

Need ideas for the menu ?! Get inspired by suggestions of starters, main course, side dish and dessert.


1. Salmon and truffled olive carpaccio: Refreshing and practical to make, perfect for a warm night. It is seasoned with black salt, mashed olive oil, warmed lightly in the blowtorch, and should be served over lemon wedges.

2. French Tapenade: a light and light entry in the Mediterranean diet style. The preparation is very simple, but the appearance is surprising.

3. Brie with honey and balsamic baked figs: Besides being light and hot, the look of this starter is beautiful.

Main course

4. Baked Cod: a dish that delights in the complexity of flavors, but is actually quick to make. Just assemble and take to the oven.

5. Baked drumsticks with potatoes and rosemary: Simple foods that become an elegant and aromatic dish.

6. Heart-shaped Ravioli with Pumpkin Stuffing: Perfect recipe for a romantic evening, as it highlights all the love you have placed in the preparation of food.

Side dish

7. Creamy Oven Rice: This is a dish that always pleases and is easy to prepare, just put it all together in an ovenproof dish and bake.

8. Potato rosti: For potato-loving couples, this recipe is perfect. It's a bit laborious, but the taste pays off.

9. Sauteed vegetables in shoyu: the solution for a quick, light and tasty little dinner. In addition, the colors of the pod, carrot and zucchini make the dish beautiful.


10. Fruit Pavlova: a cake-shaped meringue dessert. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside with the perfect balance of flavors!

11. Chocolate Mousse: quick recipe that always pleases. There are three ingredients and the maximum culinary knowledge required is to know how to use a microwave and a spoon.

12. Romeo and Juliet Cheesecake: for those who want to make a dessert that transmits passion, that enchants by the mixture of flavors and appearance.

Finally, the golden tip is: Do not prepare romantic evenings only on Valentine's Day or another commemorative date? The keyword is surprise! Also check out 200 questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend and strengthen your union.

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