Use body language to your advantage at work

It is known that body language It plays a very important role in how other people see you. In personal life this is easily identified.

And in professional life could not be different. The way you move and the gestures you use can have a big impact on others' view of you. When this is work related, the concern is to keep this impact always positive and to prevent body language from acting against us. professional image.

Therefore, we have selected some tips for you to let your? Body talk? good of you, giving others a good professional image.

One of the moves people make most when presenting something in a meeting or conference is to move their feet and body back and forth as they speak.

Besides this ?get nervous? To be able to draw people's attention from the subject being discussed, movement can be considered nervousness and lack confidence in what you are saying. Try to control these tics? It is a way of demonstrating that you are right and sure of what you are presenting.

You should also avoid getting your hair curled around your fingers or running your hand too long while you talk. Try to focus on the subject, look into the eyes of the listener and stroll around the room only a few times and slowly to use all the available space.

While giving a presentation, can you hold a paper in your hands? which can keep you from moving so much. Or you can also use your hands to gesture gently and gently, no sudden movements. Excessive use of hands and arms during the presentation can also mean insecurity.

Other gestures that are not usually welcome in the professional environment are hands in pockets and arms crossed. Avoid this so that people will not see you as inaccessible or think that you are not interested in what you are doing or the subject being discussed. Some people may even consider these gestures to be a sign of poor manners.

When sitting in a meeting or at your desk, be careful not to relax too much. Leaving your legs open and spreading your arms out all the time can be overlooked. Another custom that can be considered inelegant is to lean on the table or wall next to you.

In a professional environment, move gently without making excessive noise when walking. The key tip is to be smooth and never overdo it when gesturing. Even when talking, it is important to soften the tone, choose the words well and never speak too loudly. This is also true when talking on the phone.

Another tip is to always keep at least 1 arm's length from the person you are talking to. Getting too close can seem like an invasion of someone else's space and a lot of people are bothered by this attitude, so police yourself. Touching or touching the person is also something to be avoided unless you have freedom with the person and know that they do not care. Otherwise, do not do this.

If someone calls you to look at something on your computer or desk, do not lean over the desk and keep a polite distance so as not to disturb it.

By following these suggestions you prevent people from misinterpreting your body language And so you have a good relationship with those who live with you at work.

Make Body Language Your Superpower (April 2021)

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