Use or not affectionate nicknames?

Love, sweetheart, handsome, prince, baby, life, heart, and even the sweetest, almost unintelligible variations: women invent the most diverse nicknames to treat their partners. This is a common craze between couples, but how normal is it? And how healthy is it? Some factors need to be noted before adopting these names in your relationship.

It is undeniable that affectionate nicknames help to create an identity for the couple. Calling your boyfriend by a name that only you use conveys a sense of uniqueness and affinity between partners. When passion is in the air, it is almost impossible to resist the temptation to use a cute nickname that brings you closer. even more from the other person.

Doesn't he care?

It may be that the guy, even feeling the greatest love in the world for you, is not comfortable with the chosen nickname. Women need to understand once and for all that male nature in general is not very adept at exacerbated romanticism. Be careful not to choose a word so sweet that each time you use it, your partner wants to disappear from the face of the earth in such shame.

Know where to suppress nickname usage

When in public, the couple must adhere to certain rules that, while not written anywhere, are helpful in not embarrassing others and maintaining the integrity of their partners. So while your love naturally accepts the nickname you gave him, you may want to know in which situations to use him.

If the chosen nickname is too intimate or childish, for example, it is not recommended to use it in front of the guy's family or in a company get-together. Common sense is important not to be ugly and to preserve your partner from possible jokes by your co-workers or close relatives.

And what does psychology say?

According to Andréa Alves, psychotherapist of couples and families explains that? When love is intense, in those moments of greater intimacy, the couple tends to make a sweeter, careful voice. A cute nickname indicates cuddle ?. From this point of view, the nicknames are, in fact, an indication that the couple is very much in love.

However, when nicknames migrate to a more paternal camp, like? Mom? or "little son", the relationship can be damaged. Many couples are treated by "mommy" and daddy with the arrival of the children, to give them an example of how to call their parents. Extending this form of treatment to intimate relationships, using these terms exclusively, ends up putting the couple's identity at risk. According to Alves:? The couple can get into another, more paternal tune and undermine the relationship. You can't kill the footprint, the male and female energy of the relationship.

In short, the decision whether or not to use affectionate nicknames is up to the couple. As long as you know how to respect your environment, there is no problem. Just in case, choose the most common terms: this avoids the embarrassment.

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