Using Tablets and Notebooks at Night May Harm Sleep

Nothing more enjoyable than before bed, lying in bed, relaxing and reading a good book. In addition to being great for rest, it also helps you prepare for a good night's sleep by disconnecting you from the problems of the day.

It turns out that today, it's more common for us to replace books with tablets. It makes sense, after all with the tablet we can not only read books, read blogs, newspapers and magazines online, play games and interact through social media. All at your fingertips in one device.

The only problem is that tablets emit light that reduces our production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The darkness of the night tells us it's time for bed, but the light on the device tells us otherwise.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of the United States, developed a study that points out the problems caused by the use of electronic gadgets.

During the study, participants were exposed to a tablet with maximum brightness activated for two hours. After the procedure, the effect could be considered as having a cup of coffee before bed.

This is because the light emitted by the tablet is different from the light of an ordinary lamp. Another negative influence is that we handle the device very close to our eyes, which helps light reach our retina.

What is different in the case of televisions. Since we don't usually sit near the screen, the light they emit doesn't affect our sleep so much. Cell phones also do not cause the problem because they are smaller and emit less light. But notebooks can be even more harmful than tablets.

The order is simple: the bigger the screen, the more light is emitted and the closer the equipment, the worse this exposure is for your health.

But that doesn't mean you need to stop using the new gadgets. The tip is to use this technology to our advantage. Use the appliance with as little brightness as possible. This requires modifying its settings. If you are reading a book, opt for the black background with white letters, so the light will not have as much impact. Another reading option is the Kindle, Amazon's non-light ebook. It looks like an ordinary sheet of paper and therefore does not affect our retina.

A bad night's sleep can affect the next day with moodiness and distractions. To avoid sleep problems, you need to set aside tablets and notebooks at least two hours before bed. So try relaxing with your dear old book, or even a little television. This can make a lot of difference to your wellbeing.

How to save your eyes from screens (May 2021)

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