Valentine's Day: Gift Tips For Them And Them

With Valentine's Day coming, everyone loves to earn souvenirs as well as gift the loved one. Choosing a gift is not always a simple task, but knowing your boyfriend well is easier to get right.

The styles, personalities and interests of loved ones and ones are diverse, so it is ideal to consider these aspects when choosing a special and exciting gift. There are couples who do not give up the sentimental and love memories linked to passion. Modern lovers love to earn useful and practical items for their daily lives. For all tastes and styles, check out some creative gift ideas for this Valentine's Day:

For those who love practicality

Practical lovers love simple and creative gifts that are part of everyday life. These people often love very useful items related to everyday life, organization and even travel. Check out some options:

For them

  1. Travel mug at Imaginarium
  2. Carteira Power Bank at Imaginarium
  3. Caderneta Moleskine notebook, in Saraiva
  4. Popcorn Pad in Pajamas Online
  5. Travel kit? I'll go with you? At Imaginarium
  6. For them

  7. Travel cup and planner at Imaginarium
  8. Stackable Minimarmita at Imaginarium
  9. Magnetic Shopping List? He and She? At Geek 10
  10. Heart bag at Imaginarium
  11. Necessaire? Light to Fly? At Imaginarium

With these simple yet practical gifts, your loved one will always remember you!

For the classics

For the classic and romantic, it is worth betting on a traditional Valentine's Day gift. Perfumes are always on the rise on this date and to get off the beaten track, you can present your loved one with special kits. Another gift tip for the classics is sentimental memories, such as an engagement ring, a special message, or something you know that means a lot to both of you. See some possibilities:

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For them

  1. Quasar Gift Kit at O ​​Boticário
  2. Box Lola Home with three scented candles at Dafiti
  3. Album recorder at Imaginarium
  4. Malbec Gift Kit at O ​​Boticário
  5. Mug with 365 tickets, in Bizoca
  6. For them

  7. Dany Alliance, at Antonio Bernardo
  8. Heart Photo Mural at Uatt
  9. Intense Gift Kit at O ​​Boticário
  10. Present tin star fruit flower on L? Occitane
  11. Egeo Dolce Gift Kit at O ​​Boticário

You can assemble a special kit with various traditional items such as a perfume and a candle. In addition to the material products, you can impress with a romantic dinner.

For the moderns

Quite unlike the classics, modern boyfriends and girlfriends love nontraditional gifts. They are usually interested in innovative items such as tech accessories and fun games. The tip is to think of a gift for both of you or both of you to enjoy a lot, while being romantic and supermodern!

For them

  1. Electric Wine Opener at Imaginarium
  2. Our love voucher book is worth a lot at Imaginarium
  3. Supra JBL bluetooth headset in Saraiva
  4. Lens Mug, at L3 Store
  5. Bluetooth music box amplifier at Imaginarium
  6. For them

  7. Kindle Digital Book Reader at C&A
  8. JBL Bluetooth Speaker in Saraiva
  9. Melissa Shoes at the Official Melissa Store
  10. "Between us" game at Imaginarium
  11. Love Dice at Geek 10

As you have seen, there are possibilities to present with items of modern life, practical to daily life, or gifts to enjoy a lot.

For the sportsmen

There are boyfriends and girlfriends who are engaged and dedicated to the sport, so nothing better than thinking of a gift that is all about the activity. You can bet on training clothes, accessories such as physical activity watches and earphones, or squeezes or hydration backpacks. Check out some options:

For them

  1. Wireless headset at Centauro
  2. Slot T-shirt at Adidas
  3. Oxer hydration backpack at Centauro
  4. Bottle and cell holder at Imaginarium
  5. Bluetooth smart watch at Centauro
  6. For them

  7. Bottle and cell holder at Imaginarium
  8. Roll top backpack at Adidas
  9. Top Sporty Farm at Adidas
  10. Adidas neo daily tote bag at Centauro
  11. Look floral training, in Riachuelo

Useful and practical, these items are ideal for sports lovers. If your love loves physical activity, you will love these gifts.

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For the nerds

And if you have a boyfriend who loves pop culture and loves talking about movies and characters, the ideal gifts end up with those interests. Giving these people is easier, just knowing your loved one's favorite character or saga and betting on a creative memory.

For them

  1. HQ Batman? The Dark Knight? In Hail
  2. Silhouette Key Chain Leia and Han Solo at Geek10
  3. Mario and Peach poster kit at Geek 10
  4. Funko Pop Darth Vader in the Geek World
  5. Star Wars Cup Set at Geek World
  6. For them

  7. Decorative Frame Wonder Woman at Geek10
  8. Wonder Woman Cushion at Geek World
  9. Wonder Woman Wallet at Geek10
  10. Necessaire BB-8 Star Wars at Geek10
  11. Glass with Straw and Pot Star Wars at Imaginarium

The most famous themes of pop culture are Star Wars, Harry Potter, video games and the heroes universes: Marvel and DC. Pay attention to each one's specific tastes so as not to make the mistake of giving a gift on the wrong theme.

For those who love decoration

And of course, there are lovers and lovers of decoration. Valentine's Day turns out to be the perfect celebration to give away something that will be part of the beloved's corner, besides always remembering you. The conventional ones are the frames, but how about an alternative like the lamps or wall frames? See some options:

For them

  1. Globe lamp at Imaginarium
  2. Picture Frame? If you miss it? At Imaginarium
  3. Led Picture Frame at Imaginarium
  4. Luminaire movie sign at L3 store
  5. Frames set at Imaginarium
  6. For them

  7. "I? Ll be there for you" picture on Geek10
  8. LOVE decorative letters at Camicado
  9. Cat lamp at Imaginarium
  10. Luminaire? Amor? At Imaginarium
  11. Bookshelf at Imaginarium

To make it more romantic, put pictures of the couple's special moments in the picture frame or capriche on the gift packaging with surprises, such as special messages or photos.

Did you see? There are numerous products for the most diverse tastes and personalities. Do you know what your love guy looks like?

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What to consider when choosing a gift

Before buying the gift you need to keep in mind some considerations that can help you choose the ideal gift. To make sure you don't go wrong when giving your loved one a gift, check out some tips and get it right in the present!


People of different ages end up having different needs and interests. Younger couples may love innovative products and experiences that are not surprising to older people, for example. So when choosing the gift, make sure that the item matches the age of your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Personalities are unique and diverse and to choose an ideal gift you need to consider what you know about your loved one so as not to give a gift that doesn't fit him / her.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend is more sentimental, you should bet on romantic items that are well connected to your relationship. If he / she is a practical person, the ideal gifts are the useful and modern ones.


Be sure of your loved one's passions so as not to make the mistake of giving a soccer jersey that they (and) dislike, for example. The tastes of a person can contribute a lot when choosing a gift, since an item with the theme of interest of the person ends up being accurate. Common passions are travel, soccer, and movie and book sagas.


In addition to the passions and interests, the hobbies who also contribute when choosing the gift. If your girlfriend's or sweetheart's hobby is sport-related, you might consider a physical activity memory. If you love singing and traveling, attending a concert or cultural event can be an unforgettable gift.

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Nowadays, the profession ends up defining some aspects of our life, so it is nice to consider the work of your boyfriend or your sweetheart when giving away. You can choose from gifts that are part of everyday life, such as daily planners and diaries or even very specific products for each profession.

Available budget

While everyone wants to give the best gift to their loved one, keep an eye on your available budget for giving. If you are saving, there are several products with lower prices, which are nonetheless special. You can also choose to gift something very romantic and affordable, such as a handmade gift prepared by you.

To make it more romantic and special, you can put a picture of yourself together or a message with the gift. In addition to material products, there are alternatives such as dinner and travel. Giving doesn't have to be difficult, knowing your boyfriend or girlfriend well and following the suggestions above will love your gift!

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