Vegan-fed dog lives 189 years

Bramble, a blue Merle Collie dog, lived in the United Kingdom and reached the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living dog (at the time of the awards).

The amazing thing about this story is that Bramble has lived all these years on a vegan diet of rice, lentils and organic vegetables.

The dog's owner, Anne Heritage, was a vegetarian. She only fed Bramble a large bowl of vegan dinner every night. She explains that Bramble? Is an inspiration and [it] only goes to show that if you eat the right things and exercise, you can prolong your life.?

The 189 are because, for each year of a dog, it is seven years of a human being. So at the age of humans, Bramble would be 189 years old (27 canine years).

Experts say that if you are thinking of changing your dog's diet to vegetarian, it is better to start early from an early age. That way, there is no need for your dog's body to adapt.

However, this does not prove that your dog should be vegetarian or vegan. It just shows how dogs can, yes, maintain health on a diet.

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