Wedding Flowers: Know the Best Options for Each Type of Ceremony

There are several ways to decorate a wedding ceremony and using flowers is always a good idea. They are romantic, delicate, colorful and make everything more beautiful.

Those who are planning to get married are not always experts on the subject, and sometimes it seems that just goodwill is not enough to perform every detail so that everything comes out the way you dreamed. Again, flowers are a great alternative to a rather traditional choice, but which flowers to choose?

This is a difficult task and one that deserves great care, after all, nobody wants to arrive on the big day and have a disappointment with the wedding decoration, right? Everything needs to be in harmony and, above all, match the personality of the couple.

To make this mission easier, we have prepared some tips that will help you use flowers to decorate your wedding and organize a ceremony full of delicacy and charm:

What to consider when choosing flowers

When it comes to wedding decorating, personal taste always prevails (and it should be anyway!), But is that enough? We talked to the ceremonialist Maritsa Augusto, who was helped by João Bueno, a florist's owner, and they pointed out what to consider when choosing the flowers for the wedding.

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The time of year: In May and June, most flowers are more expensive because of demand on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. During winter, flower production is also lower, which significantly increases the price.

The location of the party and ceremony: Outdoor and daytime weddings need tougher flowers and can have a stronger aroma such as lilies, jasmine and lavender. For indoor environments, the arrangements may be smaller and fewer, "in which case less is more," Maritsa advises.

The wedding time: For evening events, striking flowers such as roses and orchids are great options. For day events, smaller, delicate pastel flowers are more suitable.

Beyond all these points, the personality and taste of the couple should be the main factors considered. Select your favorite flowers and bring the idea to the florist so that together you can come up with a project that fits your budget and meets your wishes.

The 6 Most Traditional Wedding Flowers

The ceremonialist listed which are the 6 most used flowers in weddings. Check out:

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1. Roses

Roses are already well known for their romanticism. In addition, they are sturdy flowers and have a very extensive color palette. The only caveat is the price, which is usually high.

2. Gerberas

Gerbera is a very charming flower that also has several varieties of colors. They are easy to grow, which ensures a more affordable price. For you who are getting married outdoors, gerberas will make your wedding delicate and colorful.

3. Lisianthus

If you're in love with roses but they don't fit your budget, lisianthus is the perfect alternative. This flower is very similar to the rose and blooms all year round, which makes it cheaper without losing its delicacy and romanticism.

4. Glass of milk

The glass of milk is a very sophisticated and elegant species. Glass of milk arrangements are often tall and imposing. Because they are rarer and nobler, they end up being expensive.

5. Gypsophils

Popularly called the "mosquito", the gipsofilas are often used to give volume to the arrangements. They can be used in any type of wedding and are quite affordable. If you want to choose more expensive but small flowers, completing the arrangement with the gipsofilas is an interesting idea.

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6. Field Flowers

Field flowers are various species of flowers that spontaneously grow in the field and require little care. Together they form colorful and mixed bouquets or arrangements, giving the wedding a relaxed touch. Because they require little care and do not need replanting, they are very cheap and easy to find.

There are many options and it is up to the bride and groom and the people who help them choose which flowers will be ideal for the wedding. The ceremony should convey the personality of the newlyweds with flowers that affirm this.

The right flower for every time of the year

The ceremonialist also pointed out which flowers are best suited for each season.See the table below which flower is best for your wedding date:

Like fruits, each flower has its own particularity and may be easier to find at any given time, which also interferes with its price and freshness.

Cheap wedding flowers

Some flowers are cheaper than others because they are more easily found and because they require less care. An interesting tip is to bet on cheaper flowers to make the arrangements volume and put some nobler flowers as points of color.

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Good choices: Gypsophila (mosquito); Chrysanthemum; Carnation

Wedding Flowers at Night

For the evening, using more colorful flowers in wedding decoration can be an interesting alternative. They work very well with the artificial light of the wedding venue.

Good choices: Tulip; Glass of milk; Rose.

Rustic Wedding Flowers

Usually in rustic weddings, grooms opt for wooden objects and less delicate ornaments. In this case, the earthy flowers fall very well.

Good choices: Sunflower; Hydrangea; Dandelion.

Field Wedding Flowers

Country weddings match natural details. Investing in foliage along with flowers can give your wedding a bucolic air, which is super charming and the photos are sure to look amazing!

Good choices: Daisy; Gerbera daisy; Wildflowers.

More wedding flower photos that will inspire you

Is it still hard to choose which flowers are perfect for your big day? We selected a few more photos for inspiration.

The glass of milk is classic and refined

He delights for his elegance

And it makes any wedding look sophisticated

The field flowers are perfect for those who like color

Also ideal for daytime outdoor weddings

Charm and delicacy for your wedding arrangements

Tulips are passionate

Betting on the combination of their colors makes the table beautiful!

When tulips are open, they are even more imposing

And what about the beauty of roses?

They are the symbol of love

They are perfect options for those who want a wedding full of romance.

Gerberas are colorful flowers that add freshness to the decorations.

They match with other flowers in neutral tones.

They look amazing in the bouquets!

Lisianthus is similar to rose, but much more affordable

For those who want a discreet bouquet, they are a great alternative.

In other shades they are also amazing

Gypsophils, popularly called mosquitoes, are small and delicate

They work very well as low arrangement shrubs

They are the right choice for those who are not a fan of colors and large arrangements.

Marriage is a very special moment that will be eternalized. Careful decoration and especially flowers is essential for this occasion to be remembered with great affection. Who doesn't love to see pictures of weddings with impeccable decor?

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