Wedding insurance

Insurers have been offering increasingly differentiated products to attract consumers. It is already possible to insure for almost everything, some even very strange, such as insurance of legs, voice and other parts of the body.

Among the news in insurance, a sales success in the US and Europe and now reaching the Brazilian market, has caught the attention of those who are about to go to the altar. It's the wedding insurance, which covers the main costs of the religious ceremony and celebration if the marriage does not happen or is postponed.

Does the insurance coverage list include anything that will prevent the marriage from happening, especially if the couple is a victim of bad faith from one of the service companies? catering, decoration, sound, costume rental, ballroom? hired for the event.

O wedding insurance It covers expenses if the photographer does not appear, if the rain destroys the outdoor decoration, personal accidents with guests at church or during the party, if the groom loses the rings and even if the dress is stolen. However, there is no coverage if the couple give up the marriage.

There are numerous options for coverage of wedding insurance that guarantee money back if the party doesn't happen. But just as with traditional insurance, you need to be cautious about hiring, closing your insurance contract at least two months before the wedding, and leaving paid up to one month before the ceremony.

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