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The marriages in civilThey are generally ceremonies for a few people and have a more serious and simple air than religious marriages. Although this type of wedding does not allow to invite so many people, it is not necessary to stop celebrating the date for this reason.

Taking advantage of the fact that it will be a small number of guests, you can enjoy and celebrate at home, saving you the rent of space to hold the event.

If you prefer, you can invite other people to attend the celebration only and call only the next of kin and witnesses to the notary's wedding. In this case, the number of guests is already increasing and you may have to rent a space for the celebration.

Here are some ideas for a civil wedding celebration according to the time of day you have chosen to celebrate.

Morning wedding

If the wedding is held in the morning, you can opt for a celebration lunch or brunch. This alternative is interesting because you can have the celebration in your own home. Bet on a decor with soft colors to match the time and invest in a light menu. You can also have a wedding cake to add to the party. One option to liven up the celebration is to hire a solo musician, a duo or a trio to play quieter songs during lunch.

Afternoon Wedding

For afternoon weddings, it is suggested to have afternoon tea. Since the guest list will probably be short, you can have the celebration in a cafe or in your own home. Another option is to rent a small space to make the decoration as you prefer. This is an interesting alternative for those who want to save money, because an afternoon tea can be much cheaper than a full lunch.

Wedding at night

When the wedding is at night, there are two options. You can make a full dinner for the guests or call them to eat cake and drink champagne with you at home to celebrate. The first option requires more planning and budget too, while the second is simpler and is a cheaper alternative for those who want to spend less on the wedding celebration.

If the couple prefers something more relaxed, they can opt for a celebration barbecue. This can be done at home or in a small farm. The barbecue time should be after the ceremony and may start in the morning, afternoon or early evening. If you want to enjoy the day more, have the civil wedding in the morning and start the barbecue near lunchtime.

Even if the wedding only happens in civil, it is important to send or deliver a printed invitation to the guests to formalize the invitation. Below is a template of what the invitation text might look like:

We (name of the bride) and (name of the groom) invite you to celebrate our civil wedding on the twentieth of (month) at 8 pm (name and address of the venue).

The text should be adapted to the situation, for example if it is in a restaurant, you may need to confirm the presence. Therefore, this information should be added to the invitation, as in a traditional wedding invitation. If you consider it necessary, also state which costume is appropriate for the guests.

Finally, even if the wedding is for a few guests, being careful in decorating and serving guests is always a sign of dedication and makes the moment even more beautiful. So if the party is for ten people, let the ten leave there happy for you and happy with the party. So, caprichem and have a beautiful civil wedding celebration.

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