Wedding on the ship

Anyone wishing to marry in a more unusual but no less elegant place than a traditional church wedding now has the option of marry on the high seas aboard an ocean liner.

a ship wedding Gives less work to the couple, as many cruises already have specialized service for this type of event and offer varied plans for the couple.

Some offer the service of performing the wedding in a different setting on the ship, such as a mini golf course or a skating rink, which makes the wedding much more innovative and surprising. There is also the option to do the wedding on land when the ship anchors in some heavenly place, such as a forest or a glacier.

For those who prefer the more traditional ceremony, ships often offer special salons where both the religious ceremony and the wedding party can be held. In addition to joining new couples, vow renewals can also be done on ships.

Cruises that offer these services usually perform the wedding on the day of departure or during a break if the couple's choice is to make the wedding on land.

The ceremony can be celebrated by a priest, pastor or the commander and officers. Among the perks for the bride and groom are special guest check-in, photographer, personalized cake and all the traditional services that make up a wedding party, including spa for the bride's day.

For weddings aboard an ocean liner, guests are expected to have at least one year's notice time to purchase tickets and to accurately confirm the number of gifts at the party. The cruise wedding package prices Available in Brazil range between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 reais.

WEDDING ON A CRUISE SHIP | Cruise Vlogs Day 2 (January 2021)

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